What to Text a Girl You Like – See These Examples

what to text a girl you like

So, you are wondering what to text a girl you like. Actually, texting a girl is far different then texting your friends, isn’t it?

In this article, I will give you some tips on what and how to text a girl and example text templates that you can use while texting any girl you like.

What to Text a Girl You Like to Start a Conversation – 

In one of my post How start a conversation with a girl over text, I said that starting with a curiosity text is always the best text to start a text conversation with a girl. Here I will give you another example of a curiosity text. See below:

You: “This is Tom cruise from Los Angeles”

Her: “Hahaha…”

If you make her laugh with a curiosity text then it will be a good start.

Well, you are probably asking what if she doesn’t know who you are. I have a good solution for you my dear friend. Actually, curiosity texts work much better if the receiver becomes curious about who’s behind that text.

You: “This is Tom Cruise from Los Angeles”

Her: “Who is this, please?”

You: “Suppose that if you were I, and I were a beautiful and gorgeous girl like you, then what you could do to impress me :-)”

Here you made her curious about your text, and when you got her response, you compliment her in a very sexy way. All girls like good compliments with humor. In the previous text, you did the both things nicely.

The follow-up conversation should be like this:

Her: “Okay, but who are you :/ ”

You: “The guy who made you laugh at XYZ bar last evening.”

Whenever a girl asks who is behind this text, you should never say who you are. Play it cool. Women love dramas. Tell them who are you in an indirect way.

What to Text a Girl to Keep Her Interested – 

If you want to keep a girl interested in you over text then you just need to do two things.

  • Make her laugh
  • Talk about her interests

To make her laugh, you can create a joke about a certain thing which is related to her.

For an example, if you mat a girl in a bar who refused to drink Red wine then you can create a text similar to below:

You: “Do you know sweetie what a girl is called if she doesn’t drink Red Wine?”

Her: “I don’t know?”

You: “She will be called [put her name here].”

This type of text will surely make her laugh. Once she laughs, you should talk about her interests. Ask her what is going in her life, what she likes and what she doesn’t.

What to Text a Girl to Ask Her Out –

If you want to ask a girl out over text, then do the things as described in the previous example. And when she talks that she is doing nothing but boring at home, you can easily ask her out. See the below example:

You: “So, what’s going on sweetie?”

Her: “Nothing special”


Her: “Just boring at office”


Her: “Just handling the extra workload”

(In all these cases, your response should be as below.)

You: “Do you know sweetie the best way to handle boredom and workload is a fun evening with a fun guy named [put your name here] :-)”

If you play your cards well enough, there will be no reason to refuse your proposal (See more here).

What to Text a Girl to Turn Her On –

Turning a girl on over text is a bit difficult than trying to do other things over text. First, you should make sure that she is already in or you have already taken her on date, however this is not a rule. This is just the thing which can increase your chances to turn her on through text.

Okay, you should start with celebrity comparison. And letter you need to led the conversation to the sexual level. See the below example.

You: “Do you know the similarity between Britney Spear and [put the name of girl you are texting here]?”

Her: “Cool…No, I don’t.”

You: “Both have beautiful eyes.”

Her: “Thanks”

You: “There is one more similarity between both beauty queens.”

Her: “What’s that?”

You: “The curves of [put her name here] are as good as Britney’s”

Remember that girls like compliments. And if the compliments are good enough then turning them on will not be a hard thing to do.

What to Text a Girl Who Disrespect You On Texts –

In this situation, a unique idea is provided in Magnetic Messaging system which is developed by my friend Bobby Rio. This idea can really turn the table on.

But before I talk about this idea, let’s talk about why a girl disrespects you or misbehave with you over text.

There may be so many reasons behind it. She might have a bad day and you tried to be cocky over text. She might not be that interested in you. She might have given you her number just because she was going through a break up with her ex boyfriend and she found fun in you. Or she might be so mean.

On the other hand, it might be your fault by not choosing the right timing to text her or the right text to text her.

Everyone gets rejections no matter whether he is rich, famous or an alpha male. You just need to overcome it.

Now back to the text you can use to text a girl who behaves you badly over texts.

Use this text:

You: “I love to handle arrogant chicks, and you are behaving here just like one of them :P”

This type of message can reopen the chances of the conversation over texts. This text is effective with minimal use.

I learnt texting tips from my friend Bobby Rio and his Magnetic Messaging system which is obviously the best text messaging book on this blue planet.

Are you serious about her? Do you want more texting tips to Text HER? Do you want to date HER?

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29 thoughts on “What to Text a Girl You Like – See These Examples

  1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

    Dear Charles,

    Most girls want to be appreciated by guys. If you have been knowing her for a year then you should start a text conversation by appreciating her like “How are you…The beauty queen?”

    Don’t forget to put your name. If she is cute and you were the first guy who made her friends in your college then she will surely reply.

    While you text her you should not forget that she has become popular, therefore she may get lots of text messages from random guys of your college. That’s why you should not further bore her with your questions and answers text messages.

    You should talk about the things she likes to talk. You might know her interests, if so then you should bring this topic in your text conversation. Talk about how her days go on and compliment her sometimes. And for more info see this report.

  2. Sean

    Dear Alex,

    I’m interested in a female friend of mine. I’ve known her for about 6 months, and we work together. We hang out at work during breaks on occassion, we talk every day at work, and we also chat through text several times a week as well.

    We have hung out on her days off, but I haven’t asked her out because I’m concerned I might lose our friendship if I make a move without doing it “just right”.

    My question is: How do I get her to see me as more than just her friend? Thank you for taking the time to read my comment, and I hope you can help me.

    1. Pritam

      Hey alex I asked this girl called nicole to be my girlfriend and then she replied back saying what will you do for me. Then I said, “A lot of things”. How to get her reply back now?

  3. Rick

    Dear Alex,

    I just want to say thank you for what you’re doing for me, us. I just have a few questions to ask you. What advice would you give a “nice guy” (me) on how to change and stop being that.

    Through out my whole love life, I’ve only really had something real with two girls. The first, well I don’t know if I should consider her my first but yeah, we lasted almost a month. It’s pretty embarrassing. When she dumped she used her mom as an excuse. Same goes for the second girl.

    We actually did last a month and yeah, same excuse to dump me. It hurt like a b***h. I believed them both when they both told me that like an idiot. I soon later found out that one of the major reasons why they broke up with was because I was “too nice” I was a nice guy.

    My question: any advice on how to change or stop this? just say it, even if you think it’s a little harsh. I’ll take it as constructive criticism. Please. Anything will do.

    I just want help. I really don’t want to get dumped like that again, especially with that excuse. I just really want to stop being known as the nice guy. Thank you for your consideration and honest answer. I really appreciate it and hope you can help me .

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      Hi Rick,

      This is an off topic question besides ‘what to text a girl’. However, I will try to give the best answer to you.

      Rick, why do some guys become ‘nice guys’ when it comes dating girls? The answer is they are unsure about themselves and they are highly desperate to have a love relationship with a girl. When they get a girl, they make her the center of their lives. They agree with all the things the girl wants because they are too afraid of losing her.

      Unfortunately, they believe that they will keep the girl happy by doing so.

      If you want not to become a nice guy then the first thing you need to do is to know why you are unsure about yourself. Do you have your own flaws and weakness? If so, then take steps to fix them. We all have weaknesses, but the difference between bad guys and nice guys is that bad guys are not obsessed with their weaknesses.

      Second thing you need to do is that you shouldn’t sacrifice too many things just to keep her happy. Don’t say ‘Yes’ all the time. Make a habit to say ‘No’ sometimes.

      For an example, if she says, “Let’s hang out tonight” then you can say, “I am not free today, what’s about tomorrow?”.

      Lastly, you should also remember that you have developed a habit to remain a nice guy when it comes to dating. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume that you can break this habit in one or two days. It will take some time.

      I hope this will help you. Also, do me a favor by sharing this site via your social networking profile.

  4. Vinny

    Hey Alex, just a quick question. There is a chick I used to be great friends with we were kinda on and off. I wanna message her so we could hang and possibly pull the “player” move and could hook up. How should I message her this week or weekend?

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      In this case, you can start with a joke. I hope that she is not your ex, because if she is your ex, then the strategy will be completely different.

      Anyway, your followup texts depends on her response. If she respond you positively and instantly, then you can send another text mentioning any silly mistake she did in the past. Make sure it should be fun for her.

      If she respond you again, then that will be the time to ask her for a meet up like below.

      You: “So, what’s going on these days”
      Her: “Doing bla bla bla…”

      “Nothing special”
      You : “You seem to be tired of your job. Let’s have a coffee with me at [put the name where you would like to hook up with her] and refresh your weekend.”

      I hope that this will help you.

  5. Tanner

    I like this girl a lot and I know she likes me but she has never had a real boyfriend before. And we usually text all the time but I run out of things to talk about, should I flirt more or just keep asking questions to get to know her? I could use your advice thanks.

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      The main use of texting is to spark the attraction and set up a date. If you remain texting her all the time without taking the next step, then you might remain her text buddy. Moreover, she remains confused whether you really like her or your are just a ‘sweet friend’ of her.

      Decision is yours. In my opinion, you should ask her for a meet up over text.

  6. samuel

    Dear alex,
    I hate that awkward silence when I’m having a conversation with a girl. Its like I lack topics to talk about or bring up to keep the conversation going. Could you help me out?

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      I hope that you are talking about conversation over text :-). If so, then try to start the conversation with a joke and make her laugh. If you do it correctly, most of the tension will be gone away. And you both become lighthearted, thereafter you might not have to think too much about ‘conversation topics’ to keep the conversation going on.

      However, doing so will need some skills. I think Magnetic Messaging might help you.

  7. jhon

    I think I like this girl but the thing is that i have finished questions to ask her so now I am kind of ignoring her on a phone or text so I kind of need questions to lite up the mood again, tnxs.

  8. Max

    I met this cute girl at a program, took her number and we began to text. The first two days were heaven! After, we’ve always have a boring conversation and I believe I have screwed up. I always text her and it makes me come off as aimless:having nothing to do. So I backed off a little and I just want to know the right way to get back. Anytime I ask her on a date she always gives me the ‘Busy’ excuse. I want her!!

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      This is how most stories ends before they start. You have to deal with this type of fake argument. If she says that she is too busy to go out, then you can text her that the best way to deal with tiredness is a fun evening with a guy name Max.

  9. Sire

    Hey al,
    There’s this girl I just met she’s a girl that like a celebrity in my college. We just gotten acquainted and I was hoping for some help on what to text her first.

  10. ppay

    Hi Alex, I quarreled with her. And she has lost love for me but I want her to love me again, because I love her so much.

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      If she is your girlfriend, then a simple “I love you” text will be fine.
      However, if you never dated her, then the scenario will be different. :-)

  11. Cameron

    Hi Alex,

    My name is Cameron and I have a bestifriend that’s a girl and we been friends since a year now and I like her but I don’t know how I can text her and tell her that I want to be out of the friend zones can you help or give me some examples. Thank you!

  12. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

    Hi There,

    An opening RADAR text will be very good in this situation. I have given the example of RADAR text in this post, please find it. :-)

  13. Jumpman Lane

    Well you shouldn’t hide behind technology ANYWAYS. You just have to man up and actually talk to women. I’ve worked that much out.

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      Off course Jampman!

      However, there is nothing wrong in taking advantage of TECHNOLOGY. If you know how to text to girls, then this is another dating skill you have. That’s it. :-)


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