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First Text to a Girl – 10 Tips On How to Text a Girl For the First Time

First text to a girlSo you think she’s cute. You’ve asked her out on a date. She seems excited to go.

So what do you need to do in order to be able to send the best first text to a girl?

The following article will show you exactly to do that, along with sample text ideas.

Follow these tips and tricks to be a successful texter and keep her waiting for your next text with bated breath!

Read on and before you know it, you and she will be texting away day and night!

1. Make Her Feel Special

This is the trick that smart men have been using since the beginning of time. Making a woman feel that she is important is paramount to your success in texting her and taking things further.

Flatter her when on your date, but don’t go over the top. A light brush on the cheek when she is talking seriously to you about something can work wonders.

Make sure to compliment her outfits and tell her that she looks great (see more how to text flirt with a girl). Flowers are for later, and we will get to that in the next few sections.

2. Text Her After Each Date

Make sure to send a brief text after each date. These are probably the most important texts to insure the establishment of trust and intrigue.

You want her to want more communication and attention from you, but you don’t want to leave her wondering if you’re interested. Don’t play the hard to get game too hard.

A text like “I had a great time tonight, and you looked wonderful. :-)” is a good text.

A quick note: It is okay to use text slang and abbreviations, however, do not overuse them. Use correct grammar and spelling for the majority of the time.

This will show her that you are smart, and that you are willing to take the time to send actual words that make sense to her. This will also go further in making her feel special.

3. Text Her Good Night

A brief Good Night text nightly will further establish the hard work that you have put in thus far. An example would be:

“Hope you sleep tight. Will text in the morning beautiful.”

Once again, you are making her feel special without being overwhelming. She knows that you are thinking of her, but you are not obsessive or smothering.

Leave that last text as just that – the last text of the evening. She will then look forward to your morning text.

4. Text Her Good Morning

This may be the text that she looks forward to the most, and it will practically insure that she has a great day. “A beautiful text for a beautiful girl! Good morning”

She will go through the day smiling, and she will be ready to see you as soon as possible. You have created more anticipation for her.

5. Check in in the Middle of the Day

A simple afternoon text in the middle of the day will keep her interested. You are now well aware of how to send the first text to a girl. Every move you have made has made it possible for the anticipation and fun to keep moving.

This is exciting for you and her! An example is “How is your day going?” She will answer, then probably ask about how your day is going.

At this point, even if you have had a rough day, do not answer about that. Say that you have been busy but productive, and that you are looking forward to chatting with or seeing her later.

A little caution: Don’t text her in the middle of the day unless she responded your Good Morning text in a good manner. Or else you will appear needy.

6. Suggest New Date Destinations

You will need to keep things interesting if you want to keep her attention. Remember, there is always someone waiting in the wings to take your place.

If you keep things exciting, she won’t even give those other guys a second glance. If you have a favorite spot together, make sure to fix a date over text.

A great example of how to include this in a text:

“Hey! I just found the greatest hot spot at …… Let’s make a plan to go in the next couple of days. I would love to show you off there and see what kind of fun we can have!”

Make sure to come up with new ideas. If you do something like a picnic, this can be a recurring date.

You will just need to bring different foods and drinks each time (include at least one of her favorites). Different themes are good as well, and can be played on based on the cuisine type.

For example, Italian cuisine would have a theme as if you are dining in Italy, or picnicking in the Italian countryside.

She will appreciate your efforts, and her text afterwards will most likely be something like:

“I can’t wait to do that again! Thank you so much for today. Looking forward to more great days like this!”

7. Ask Her Then Lead Her

Ask her what some of her favorite restaurants, museums, bars, etc. are. Then, after a couple of days, text something like

“Hey! I am really interested in visiting …… after you told me about it. I would love it if you would be my tour guide.”

Then make plans to attend the spot with her, and she can show you around. If she has a favorite museum, then the picnic idea works for the same day – the picnic will have a theme based on the museum or an exhibit inside.

Using this method will show her that you care about her interests as well, and that you listen and absorb what she says when she is talking to you.

8. Introduce Her to Your Friends

If you like her, then you definitely want your friends to meet her. If you are having a get-together, then invite her and a few of her single friends to meet your single friends.

“Hey, my friends and I are having a small party on Friday, and we would love it if you can come. My friends can’t wait to meet you. Bring along a couple for your girl friends.”

Once again, you are establishing trust and making her feel secure in your relationship. At this point, your texts are probably getting a bit steamier. Keep up the good work!

9. Remember to Send Random Texts

You have done a lot of work so far in keeping your girl interested, and you have a regular pattern of texting and communicating back and forth.

You have done a great job in learning and perfecting how to send the first text to a girl. Make sure to keep up with your morning, midday, and evening texts. The random date texts are important as well.

Simply sending a text like “Hey! I just wanted to remind you of how beautiful you are!” can make a world of difference in what kind of day your girl has.

Keeping a smile on her face is a surefire way to keep taking things to the next level, and to let her know how special you think she is.

Keep in mind how there is always another guy waiting to take your place. She will have absolutely no desire to even look at the other guy because her guy is the one who keeps the flames burning high.

10. Keep it Up

At this point, you have firmly established a healthy and fun texting relationship. Combined with your dates and fun times together, this means that your whole relationship should be at the next level.

Other hotter texting styles are most likely your next step. You are now ready to flirt in your texts a little more, and you are well on the way to going to the next texting level – sexting! (I have more articles on how to easily do this as well. Check them out!).

Using the above tips, ideas, and sample texts insures that your girl is now definitely “your girl”.

If you follow these guidelines and ideas, soon you will be a master at how to send the first text to a girl, and even more! It may seem like a lot, but following these tips insures success, and soon you will be a master and able to send your very own personalized texts that just flow easily from fingertip to phone and mean that hitting send is another point in your favor.

If you have other text messaging ideas that you have already successfully used, comment below now and help out our fellow readers.

I look forward to seeing what you have already used in how to send the first text to a girl. And remember – that first text is crucial! It is what leads to more and taking things to the top.

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How to Sexting: See These 10 Examples

how to sextingWhen looking at the best ways to get a girl interested via text messaging, the following 10 examples are some of the fastest and proven methods to be successful.

Follow these simple methods and she will be sexting back before you know it! Please read on for the best in How to Sexting.

1. Be Respectful

Yes, your ultimate goal is to get this girl into the sack. You hope to quickly achieve this via sexting.

However, the majority of women are going to run and block your number if you start with sexting right out of the gate.

Therefore, it is crucial that you get the ball rolling by approaching her from a polite and respectful place at the beginning. You need to establish her trust in you, and to give her a sense of security.

Important note: Absolutely do not attempt to send naked or vulgar pics in the first few rounds of your sexting relationship. Behaving in this manner could result in some very unpleasant consequences.

Do make sure to ask if you can send her a face pic so that she can use it to add to her contacts. This will insure that she has a great picture of you to look at when she is thinking of you.

She will be sure to sext all the quicker if she has this. Please also note that it is okay to use some standard text abbreviations, but do not overuse them or let your messages look like a big ball of nonsense. That is a turn off.

2. Use Humor

Some of the strongest and most exciting relationships are the ones that start out with healthy humor as a base.

Making her laugh (especially when she is having a bad day) makes her feel better, releases hormones that make you even more funny texts, and sharing a good laugh means that the trust factor mentioned above is firmly established.

Humor is also a great way to break the ice and relieve tension when you are not really sure what to say next. Sending funny texts is a great means to reach your goal of sexting.

3. Compliment Her

One of the best ways to excite a girl and further establish trust is to give her compliments. Keep them simple and to the point.

An example would be “I bet your eyes are extra blue today. You always dress so well too.”

As she begins to open up more, you can begin the preliminary sexting; i.e. “I would love to kiss your gorgeous lips soon.”

4. Take Her Out

A simple date or two with the right actions will have her breathless with anticipation and ready to take things to the next level.

Make sure to listen intently to what she says while gazing into her eyes. Lean in to lightly brush her hair back from her face after a meal or drink.

Tell her a few personal stories to get her to open up and share more with you.

Make sure you text her something like “Thank you so much for a wonderful time tonight. Text you in the morning?”

She will be eager for you to text her, and will look for that first thing when she awakens. Make sure that you follow through.

You want her to anticipate and look forward to seeing you again; in this way, she will be even closer to fulfilling your how to sexting goals.

She will want to talk more, and she will initiate contact and also be a little bolder with her texts because she is missing you.

5. Move In Slowly

Now is the time to move in slowly but surely to seal the deal. She wants to see more of you, she is often texting you first, and she has become more comfortable and at ease with texting you in general.

Things are leaning more towards a romantic theme. When you know she trusts you, move in confidently.

Send her a text similar to the one above (“I would love to kiss your gorgeous lips soon”) in Example 3. She will probably reply with something like,

“I would like to kiss you too”,


“Thank you. That would be really nice.”

At this point, you are able to come on a little stronger. After work, text her and ask her if she is settled for the evening and say

“Would love to text more tonight.”

This is pretty much a guarantee at this point that she will answer with a big “OK!”

6. Use a Tested and True Method

One of the classic lines, which actually originated in regular phone calls, has now become a staple of sexting as well.

“What are you wearing right now?”

This is a great way to begin your new sexting success. After you chat briefly about her day, etc., this is a great line to use to get her to explore the wonderful world of sexting.

She will probably giggle, blush, and then say something like

“Well, I am relaxing so I have my pink babydoll gown on.”

Then you can flirt with her by sexting like,

“I bet you look so sexy! Do you think that I could see?”

She is very likely to sext you a pic at this point. Get ready for even more excitement! Make sure to compliment her beauty and tell her

“I would love to keep texting tonight if you are up for it.”


7. Keep Communication Open

Always keep her wanting more, as in do not over text or text her immediately after you see her.

However, because you have established her trust, you do want to follow through. Keep the regular texting communications open.

This will make her much more open to sexting, and likely that soon she will be initiating some of the first lines.

Text her in the morning when you are sure that she is up. At this time, you can send a text something like,

“A beautiful morning for a beautiful person :-)”

This is a good example. Then you can bet that later in the day or evening, she will be hot and ready for sexting!

8. Ask for More Pics

The normal way to ask pics of her is texting her like “I can’t stop thinking about you. I would love another couple of pics, maybe a little naughty this time? ;)”.

You can do the same thing without appearing needy. Se the example:

You: “The ice bucket challenge for you…Can you dare to send your pics in which you are doing naughty things!!”

She will also be interested in some naughty pics of you if she has sent you more that one of herself.

By all means, keep the pics to yourself. You have a good thing going; no need to ruin it.

9. More Sexting Lines

Here are more ideas of great sexting lines to send her to keep thing going. You should, at this point, be venturing into actually living your sexting fantasies out in real time as well. 😉

“I would love to cum see you tonight.”

“I bet that gown you’re wearing is lovely, but wouldn’t I look better on you?”

“Are you in bed yet? Would love to be between the sheets with you right now.”

“I have been so turned on thinking about you all day.”

“I had to leave work early because you were running through my mind all day. I couldn’t get anything done.”

“I have a special gift for you tonight.”

“I have a naughty surprise that I have been wanting to share with you.”

“I’ve been waiting for you to sext me all day.”

“Texting last night was fun. Want to act it out in real life?”

“You are so gorgeous. I love it when you blush. I can’t wait to make your cheeks flush later.”

“How did I get so lucky to have someone as hot as you?”

“Wear that dress I like so much. Although I can’t wait to rip it off of you!”

“You have great legs. Is that why you’ve been running through my mind all day?”

10. Maintain What You Have Accomplished

Once again, you have a good thing going here. If you suddenly break off communication, or you communicate too little, the trust she has for you will be broken; then you will have to do all of the work over again to get back to the point of sexting.

If you don’t keep in touch, she will be turned off and not want to receive a random sext out of the blue.

How to Sexting is easy and quite fun if you see and follow the examples above. Going slow and steady will result to insure that you enjoy a long and luscious sexting life.

There is something about the anticipation involved: dreaming of what you want to do to each other when you are together, then typing that out to make it a real possibility.

A woman loves seduction; a woman loves to be wooed and pursued in the right manner.

One of the beauties of this instant communication world we live in is that we can easily establish trust and excitement with someone via text messaging, and via the wonderful arena of sexting.

Many relationships are strengthened and thrive through sexting and keeping things lively.

The words “What are you wearing right now?” and “How would you like to be in my bed tonight?” suddenly have much more force and the ability to reach your sexting goals.

What are some of the successful sexting lines you have sent to a woman?


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Texting Games to Play With a Girl

Roses, chocolates and scented letter to pursue the opposite sex are gone and considered old-fashioned. Today’s courting practice is all about texting, it’s a texting game you can play with a girl.

So if you’re texting game is outdated and not successful it’s time to shape up and gainful as others, start tapping your keypad till dusk.

Texting has become world’s primary means of communication for business and social functions to organize time and place of events.

But basically texting is now using to chitchat, to mock and flirt – now very important tool to any kind of passionate relationship.

So here are some rules you should keep in your mind while you are texting a girl. Without following these, you might mess up your texting games. :-)

Women and girls love to laugh

Women laugh out loud if there’s something funny to laugh at. Women love a man who makes them laugh. When Marilyn Monroe chanted “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything” this is true to us women.  Along the way it was discovered that women are born to appreciate humor naturally while men are likewise involuntary to produce humor.  Thus if men can make his girl laugh or giggle with his flirty texting game, he is now making the girl fall for him and ready to do everything he desires.

Start texting it light.

When you’re still on the stage of going to know each other, it’s good to start your texting game with light and simple fun words. Even when you’re apart those simple text messages can make you closer to your girl. Simple things you want to know about this girl, you can list them if you want or it’s the way around; you can ask her to list down things she wants to know about you or she’d like to ask you.  When you’re prepared to answer, pull out your phone and let the texting game begin.

Texting game to play with girls is fun and sexy

Start to ask you’re your first question and for her to answer back, it’s more interesting and challenging if you will set a time limit for her to answer.  This will give the conversation real time making her think and engage in messaging back.  To make your texting game to play with a girl fun and sexy; consider carefully this few men’s common mistake in texting girls:

  1. Lack of patience -Giving up on your text easily- this is one aspect where men should deal with when having texting game with his girl. It’s good to set time table for her to answer back but giving allowance of waiting is good. Do not assume she is rejecting your question or not interested as your text mate.  Making light, fun, playful tone in your texts will get her smiling. If you can get her to smile, you’ll likely get a text from her soon. Women in general, appreciate men showing consideration even in simple texting is a sexy point.
  2. Do not complicates your text– asking question one at a time should be the rule here as this will not complicate her answers, since your goal is to engage texting game with her. This mean the ratio must be 1:1, you ask she answers back. Sticking to this rule makes your texting time longer and more fun.
  3. No serious conversation– Since this is a texting game to play with a girl, bear in mind that conversation must be simple and fun. Avoid questions that might lead to serious topics. Doing so will ruin your chances of playing flirty with her.
  4. Text one girl at a time– when a guy is messaging just one girl at a time, his time is undivided and his mind is focused  on ongoing topic, he can thinks more of a good flirty words to use.  It’s good to text a lot of women because this will make you as an expert and your mental abundance is developed and well exercised, this is more fun too and you will have a carefree attitude.  In order to attain this goal deal with girls one at a time.
  5. Focus to your goal– often times guys forgets why they are texting girls. Never misaligned your thoughts, bear in mind that you are texting trying to meet her as soon as possible. Always look on the big picture of building up the sexual tension and eventually establishing attraction of romantic relationship before doing something in person. Fun, flirty and naughty text is the key to reach this goal.

Build sexual Tension

Men always plan their move when it pursuing a woman. One of the obvious and effective ways to flirt with girls and build sexual tension when playing texting game to play with girls is misinterpretation or misunderstanding. It’s the notion of men thinking that the girl he is texting is attracted to him and is striking to him, a little push would end to sexual meeting.  This scenarioin his mind allows him to think naughty thoughts that lets turn the conversation with the girl fun and playful in a sexual way.

Thinking of “Doing It” Text

Since men already established sexual tension, like your delusion, this “doing it” text assumes that the girl cannot help but thinking of ending in bed with you while you are just trying to talk with her. These are innocent text that connotes naughty meaning just because that’s the way the girl thinks. The excitement is starting to grow deeper while the conversation is going deeper nearing to reach its bottom. Conveying sex into your conversations with women in this way opens the door for the girl to play along too. You will be surprised how quickly your text can escalate to your girl.

More playful flirting text

Your goal of meeting her personally is at the tip of your finger, so it’s up to you work on it. Your text message matters, think of a flirty word that a when she reads she think that you are joking so she laugh first. It’s time to send follow up text, it must be “you’re sexy while laughing; I can see you right where I am standing”. Changing your tone to being serious of meeting her like texting her “I am serious I should see you now sweetie, I will meet you at….”  While on the way of meeting her do not stop your texting game, instead let her more aggressive in seeing you. With this kind of flirty conversation she is sure excited to meet you as well.

Be naughtier and more daring

After your meeting up is just the beginning of more texting game play you will have. Because a relationship is already established you can be more daring and naughtier with your text game with your girl. The beauty of this game is that there is no rule being set and violated. You are free now to express yourself, and whatever you feel even your dirties thoughts.

Acting on Dirty text Games

Dirty games help taking the art of seduction and passion to the next level to make your relationship more exciting and more fun. They are somewhat easy to initiate and at the end of this texting games your girl would not hesitate to do it with you the next time you meet.

Sex Texting Game– it’s more likely having sex but through text messages. You can create a love scene like “love scene in the beach” and talking about having sex with your girl.    You can start asking her what she is doing now. You can add I just wish we’re in the beach sitting intimately in the sand. Proceed to tell her, how sexy is her wearing two piece swim suit, of course she is already giggling. Get more sexual as she responds to your text up to the point of touching herself on the other end.

 Daring Games – daring games like the famous truth or consequence can be used in text game that can bound you and your girl turn on after playing the game. Like if chooses consequence you can dare her to send a photo of her breast and so on. If she chooses truth, you can tell her is it true you have a pinkish breast nipples? Vice versa, she can ask you too to send her your nude picture.After sending picture be sure to delete it to avoid any untoward scandal. With this kind of game it is so steamy and erotic and mind blowing.

The good news is that flirty texting game can be learned and be mastered even by shy type men out there. This is an art that when perfected it is being appreciated by the opposite partner be the girl or the guy. We’re living in an era where these things are ordinary and accepted by the society. As long as we do not cause any harm to other people we are free to live by with what we know that is good and healthy. Truly flirty texting game is fun and it’s a two way game. It must be enjoyed by both party involve.




Should a Guy Text a Girl First – The Right Answer You Won’t Find Elsewhere?

Should a guy text a girl first? Off course, he should. Here I will explain how to do so.

In my previous article, why don’t girls text first, I said that they don’t text first because they are afraid being considered as low value girls.

In this post, I will show you why a guy should text a girl first, and how to do it correctly.

First off, girls unconsciously believe that they should be chased by their potential mates, instead of chasing them.

Therefore, if you are waiting for her first text, then you would have been waiting for weeks.

Moreover, if someone texts her the right text message to ignite emotions in her heart at this time, you might lose her forever.

So, if you like her but you are afraid of texting her then you might be at risk of losing her forever for someone else.

I think it may have been cleared to you that a guy should text a girl first.

But the biggest question is, what should a guy text to a girl for the first time?

If you are new to this blog, just check out my previous post Texting a girl for the first time and you will have a good understanding of where and how to start.

Start with a Joke –

It is my all time favorite way to text anyone – not only girls.

When you start with a joke, you will be just playing it cool and in a light-hearted way.

You are not asking for her response and you will not be begging her to respond you back. This is an important key when a guy texts a girl for the first time.

By doing so, you will become different from the other guys who have her number, too.

So, how to start with a joke –

The rule of thumb is you should not text her any general joke. You should craft your own joke which tells something about your personality and something about hers.

This is how to make connection with her in your first text.

Now see the example of Jaden and how he texted his girlfriend.

Jaden learnt Martial art, and he got her number when she came to the martial art class for the first time.

They both flirted a little bit and finely they exchanged their numbers.

The same day, Jaden texted below text:

“You don’t need to learn martial art because I am with you…

…hahaha…I was just kidding.”


See another example of Ethan.

Ethan got the number of this girl when he took his dog for a morning walk.

Here is the Ethan’s text:

“My dog Brodie wants to date Chani (her bitch). It has been telling me this all day.”

Here is the girl’s response.

Her: “So, your dog talks. It is an amazing dog!”

Him: “No, it doesn’t. But I understand the languages of animals. I also know what your ‘Chani’ thinks.

Her: “What it thinks?”

Him: “It doesn’t matter. The only thing that is matter to me is that what its owner thinks.”

Thereafter, they talked for hours. After three days, Ethan took this girl out for a date.

So, this is how to text a girl first, and utilize the opportunity you have when you got her number.

Want more tips?

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Why Don’t Girls Text First

So, you are wondering at the question why don’t girls text first. In this post, I will give you psychological reasons behind this, and I will also show you what to text to get them to respond you.

Before we go further, just do a simple task.

Type this phrase ‘dating tips for men’ on Google and take a quick search. You will see lots of pages for this search term.

You just need to neglect ‘wikihow’s’ pages for this search term. Go to a few of those websites and check their ‘about’ sections. ‘About’ pages are actually an intro page of the authors.

So, when you check their ‘About’ sections, you will normally end up with the stories like this:

“Hey, I am a former nerd. I had no success with women for years. And somehow I discovered how to trick women.

Now I have dated more than one thousand women. I bang 30 different women in 30 days, and bla bla bla!”

Now do a second search with this phrase ‘dating tips for women’.

Again, you need to do the same things as you did previously with phrase ‘dating tips for men’.

This time also check the ‘About’ section and see what the authors tell about themselves if they are female authors.

No matter, how much authority they have, if they are female author, they will never tell that they have dated with more than a thousand men, and they have slept with lots of men.

Here we comes in a good conclusion which is a thing which might be prestigious for men might be not prestigious for women. 

So, what this has to do with the question ‘why don’t girls text first’?

The answer in simple words is girls don’t text first because they are taught to act this way by our society.

A girl doesn’t want to seem like a low value girl. And she is afraid being considered as a low value girl if she texts a guy first.

However, texting isn’t related with a girl’s value. But girls think this way because they are grown up with lots of social norms.

I don’t say that all girls don’t text first, but in most cases girls don’t text first.

Therefore, advice like ‘wait three days to text a girl for the first time’ doesn’t have any good logic.

In my advice, if a guy exchanges his number with a girl, then he should be first to text her. He should not wait for her text message to text her back.

Some guys says that if a guy text a girl first, then he will appear desperate and needy.

My advice to those guys is that if a guy doesn’t text a girl first, then he should wait for her text for lifetime.

On the other hand, if he texts first and he text the girl the right way, then he will appear a confident guy who doesn’t afraid of texting her.

Remember that most guys out there are sticking to the advice like ‘wait for a long time to text a girl you just met’.

So, you have much more advantage over those guys definitely.

If you recently got a number of a girl then stick to this advice:

  • Text her the same day, or the next day. Don’t wait for more than a day for your first text message.
  • Start with a RADAR text, instead of boring and casual text like ‘hope you went home safe’.

Remember that men and women have different values and they see the world from different angles.

A man can proudly say that he has slept with multiple women, but a woman can’t proudly say it even if she has done so.

As a man, you are thinking why don’t girls text first. And you are trying to find out the answer of this question in the way most men think.

But try to put yourself in the shoes of women. Try to think in the way they think. Soon, you will realize that even if a girl is dying to text you (or thinking about you all day), she isn’t going to text you first.

If she texts, then good luck. If she doesn’t, then it’s your job to text her first.

Then start a text conversation with her to build rapport with her. Thereafter, she may text you first to start a text conversation with you next time.

So, how can you do so?

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Dirty Texts to Send to a Girl – Sexting Examples

You have just met the most attractive girl and you cannot seem to get her off your mind. She may have given you her number last night but then you saw you giving her number to other guys as well.

You are not the only one she will receive messages from and therefore you should try and make sure that she does not get turned off with your messages.

Even if the girl you are interested in is dating someone else you can win her over when you learn how to talk dirty to girls over text messages.

She may respond initially with icy cold text messages but if you wish to pursue, tread carefully and send her messages that work like magnets to keep her getting hooked to reading and responding to your texts.

You will know it works when she starts sending you warmer texts.

Learn to be discreet when you wish to make her fall for you.

With just a few conversations, you should have her responding and you can then start flirting with her.

Select the right time to send her messages as she will not respond when she is at work or during the day when there are many chores to be completed.

The best time would be in the evenings though you should not let her know you are at home waiting to get a life!

Send her a few sexy text messages and you will be able to gauge her reactions.

When you are lying in bed at night, you could send her a message asking her if she is alone. She will respond for sure if no one else is with her.

You could let her know in your message that you would like to be with her at that moment and see if she replies in the positive way. Here are a few dirty texts to send to a girl (sexting examples).

Dirty Texts to Send to a Girl –

Start your text messages with a casual question like this:

“What are you up to at this moment?”

If she is bored or alone she may respond by giving you an honest answer which is an encouragement for you to pursue the texting.

Ask her if she likes to cuddle when lying in bed and wait for her response.


“If someone sleeps behind me, I always like to cuddle him. What about you?”

You can then tell her you would like to imagine her in bed, and surprise her with this text:

“What are you wearing?”

If she feels an emotional stirring and wishes to lead you on she will be very specific at this point.

She may let you know the color of her lingerie or better still send you a picture of herself in bed.

Remember that her responses may also not carry much weight as she is only passing time and has someone else on her mind.

One good way of finding out if she likes your dirty text messages is to provoke her into texting dirty.

Ask her if she has watched someone else performing sex either on television or in person.

“Just curious to know whether you’ve watched porn :-)”

Let her give you some details and you will find it easier to communicate more freely with her on the topic of sex.

From her responses you should be able to figure out if she will have sex with you when you are alone with her.

You can now ask her naughty questions such as:

“When you look at a nude picture of a guy, where do your eyes travel?”

You will be satisfied when she responds with an honest answer that signifies that she is interested in you.

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Rules for Texting a Girl

rules for texting a girlMany of us enjoy using the option of texting messages especially when we are interested in someone and are unsure of their response.

Texting messages to friends are a great way of keeping in touch and since the messages are instantly received, many plans can be made and meetings organized. Are there any rules for texting a girl?

While there are no rules per se, there are many ploys to use to come out a winner when sending interesting text messages to a girl.

There are some things that you should avoid doing when texting a girl.

  1. Stop pestering her with too many texts
  2. Try to send her text messages at a reasonable hour of the day
  3. Girls are not impressed with silly jokes, excessive shortcuts and wrong grammar
  4. Emoticons are fun when used aptly

How to get a girl to respond to your text messages

It is a good idea to keep the ball rolling by making light interesting conversation. Keep it short but tell her about a funny incident you noticed or something pretty that made you think of her.

Do not get personal but flirt, tease or cajole as girls enjoy the adulation.

The girl you are texting may be receiving messages from other guys too. It is therefore in your best interests not to stick to rules for texting a girl.

Your text messages should lead to a date and the time spent in the interim should ensure that you keep the interest alive.

All of us lead busy lives and taking time off to show someone you care is always appreciated.

Women can be seen reading their text messages or enjoying something on their phones when commuting in a train or bus.

They look forward to messages especially if it helps lighten their day or make them feel on top of the world (See more What to text a girl you like).

Texting messages are not high-investment and the chances of receiving responses are higher than when you call them on the phone.

Do not respond immediately when she texts, and send her short messages when she does. She will wonder at your brief responses but her interest in you will arouse.

Let her realize that you are leading a busy life and not hanging on to your phone in the hope of getting text messages.

A good tip is to avoid asking a girl a question through text messages. It is a better idea to make a statement and she will enjoy the provocation.

For instance, you can say:

“Your silence convinces me you are up to no good!”

You can also tell her you had a very tiring day and she will want to know more (See more First text message to a girl).

Once you get the green signal that she is interested in you, you can slowly progress to the next step which is setting up a date.

You know you are on the right track when she…

  1. Sends you a paragraph instead of one-liners to let you know how her day went. This is the time for you to answer with a brief “ha” or “k”.
  2. If she sends you a message asking you what you are doing, take an hour or two to reply. This will pique her no end and she will start imagining many things – many of her thoughts may be focused on wondering if she is losing you.
  3. When you do reply, send her an answer that indicates you are busy – involved with a hobby or helping someone out.

While there are no rules for texting a girl, these tips will give you a head start into getting a girl sufficiently interested in going out for a date to get to know more about you.

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