First Text Message To A Girl

Want a sure response from her? Send her a RADAR text.

Want a sure response from her? Send her a RADAR text.

Getting a girl’s number is not too hard to do these days. However, wondering at the first text message to a girl might be a thing which is bothering you.

In this post, I will provide you lots of first text messages that you can use to send a girl. Let’s start.

Throughout I say that every guy should start with a RADAR text if he wants a text conversation with a girl.

I learnt about RADAR text from my friend Bobby Rio and his classic Magnetic Massaging. For the first text, RADAR text is the best text to start with.

However, if you didn’t buy Magnetic Massaging and don’t know what a RADAR text is, then you may start with a humorous text which should be funny too.

Let’s start with some first text messages to start with:

#1. Direct Flirting –

You can start text flirting with a girl by making it obvious that you are flirting with her. Here is an example –

You: “You are a very good-looking and sweet girl. What should I text you to impress you?”

Do you know why this text works? This text works because most guys generally don’t dare to text this way. And if she is hot, it is almost possible that no one ever dared to text her this way.

Also, if she is hot, you are competition with a league of guys – not from just one. Think about what advantage you will have if you do the exact opposite of most of guys are doing with her.

In this case, most of guys are just begging for her response, and you making it obvious that you are flirting with her in a direct way.

#2. Play push-pull –

Most PUAs talk a lot about this in their websites. And I have to say that push-pull technique is also great while you are texting a girl.

See below example.

You: “Your boobs are very sexy…A girl told me this the other day. Can you please explain what she wanted to say me?”

In this text, you first made her feel sexy (the pull), and letter you said that the text was not for her (the push). However, be sure that you can dare to text her above text message.

#3. Start with a Joke –

Do you know we all want fun? When it comes to dating, women always prefer a fun guy over a serious guy to date with. Your first text message to her can be a joke. However, your joke should convey your unique personality.

It should not be a joke all guys are sending each other. See the below example (I found a similar text like this on Facebook , thereafter I modified it and I used it myself):

Me: “The rule of success: whenever you face a tough situation in your life, always consult a girl…….and do exactly opposite of her advice. Success will be yours.”

I sent this text message to a girl whose attitude was that all men were fool.

Without any doubt I got her response within two minutes.

You can find other funny text messages on the web; you just need to modify them so that they convey your unique personality.

#4. Use Pickup lines –

Do you know pickup lines also work as an opening text message? The only caution with pickup lines is that you should not use them with dead seriousness. Use them in a fun way. See the below examples:

 “Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?”

“I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”

“Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.”

For some of you, it might seem lame jokes, but they work dude if you use them in a right way.

Want more tip? Want to turn her on over text message and take her out on a date?

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Girl Doesn’t Text Back – Here Is What You Need To Do

girl doesn't text backSo, a girl doesn’t text you back and this is making you feel wired, isn’t it?

In this post, I am about to give you some sure fire pre-written texts that you can use when a girl doesn’t text back.

Rest assured that these texts will work because they have been tested many times.

Now let me talk about a big and common reason why a girl doesn’t text back when you texted her is that you were a bad texter.

You might not have fully utilized the opportunity you had by sending her average or bad texts.

Why is a girl not texting back –

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid while texting her for the first time (also these might be the mistakes you made which made her not to text you back). So, pay attention here:

#1. Bad teasing –

If you don’t know much about her then you should be a little cautious while you are trying to tease her to make her laugh. It might make her offend if you do it the wrong way.

#2. Putting her on a pedestal –

Putting her on a pedestal in your initial text might be a complete turn off for her (this might make her to think that you don’t value yourself and you are a beta male).

#3. Too much praising –

If you text her like ‘hey beautiful’ ‘hey beautiful’ ‘hey beautiful’ then actually you are saying her, “I didn’t even talk to a woman before you, and I am a complete loser. Please respond me, please respond me, and please respond me!!”

#4. Too much bragging –

A little bit bragging about yourself is good in your first text. However, bragging too much can make her turned off.

Don’t send a text to a woman like, “I am busy because I am the most important employee of our company? I don’t have time to talk or text to my friends, but I am texting you because I find something different in you.”

#5. Nervous texts –

If you are too serious about her then you might not text her. Texting is just a game, and you should prepare for both win and loss.

However, if you follow my tips, the chances of loss will be minimal. If your texts convey a message that you are desperate for a response from her, then probably she might not respond you.

#6. Don’t Texting the RADAR Text –

The 6th and the biggest mistake you do while trying to start a text conversation with a girl is not crafting a RADAR text. If you don’t start with a RADAR text, then the chances to date her will not be that much.

So, what should you do when you sent her a bad text and she is not texting you back?

First, you should not always assume that she doesn’t like you if she doesn’t response. She might not read your text, she might leave her phone on home or she might be busy at work.

So the first tip I want to give you is that you should wait at least 24 hours to make sure that she didn’t response because she ignored you.

It often happens that a girl flirt with you so much when you mat her at bar or party, she gives her number but when you text her, she ignores your text as though she didn’t even know you.

After 24 hours if she doesn’t text you back, then you should send her another RADAR text. Don’t know what a RADAR text is? Actually, a RADAR text is a text which is crafted to get the attention of a woman. Each RADAR text is unique for each woman (See more about radar text in Magnetic Messaging).

If she doesn’t respond you again then it’s time to do something else. Below is what I texted to a girl who didn’t respond me.

“So, you are trying hard to get. Let me know how long should I wait for your text to appear cool and to qualify for your test?”

You can use the same text template for her. If she doesn’t response, then use curiosity text to make her curious about you and what you say. See below example text:

“Linda was talking s***t about you, but I didn’t believe in her.”

It will defiantly make her to think about who Linda is and what bad thing she said about her because this text is made to trigger her curiosity.

If she respond you, then that’s fine. However, you shouldn’t send further texts until you know the complete strategy of Magnetic Messaging, or else you might mess things up.

How to Respond The Negative ‘Who is this?’ Text ( The SECRET) –

Sometimes guys ask me what should they reply if girls replied the curiosity text with a negative tone like,

“Who is this :/ ?”

In this case, you should not take it too seriously. It rarely happens, however I have also a good solution for this text. See below I what I text a girl who texted me above text:

Her: “Who is this?”

Me: “God for haven…How many smart guys named starts with the letter ‘A’ and ends with the latter ‘x’ you know?”

She easily guessed that this was Alex, and we had a fun conversation thereafter.

You should always add fun in your text. This is the only way to make a girl respond to your text and to make her like you.

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How to Talk Dirty to a Girl over Text – Examples

How to talk dirty to a girl over textSending a text message to a girl can help a guy to succeed in taking her out on a date.

Text messages are private, inexpensive and easy to send to girl once you have their numbers.

If you wish to land her in bed, you should learn how to talk dirty to a girl over text.

Be cautious when you are attracted to a particular girl and use short cute messages that will floor her and have her responding eagerly to your messages.

Be positive and build up momentum with the text messages  –

The first step when you meet someone of your dreams is to exchange phone numbers with her.

She needs to connect later so recall the incident or time and place when you met and give her a pet name that is cute. You can call her “sexy”, “cutie” or “honey”.

Do not waste too much time once you have met her or she may forget you.  You can tell her that she was occupying your thoughts and ask her what she was doing at that particular time.

She may respond that she was in the shower and you can quickly tell her that you were thinking about her in the shower.

Sexy humorous text messages – 

Do not pursue this line but move on to other topics through your text messages. Her replies will indicate if she wants to play along with you.

If you feel she is getting aroused, ask her what she is wearing. Reply quickly when she answers to keep the adrenal flowing.

If you find out that she is alone, you can ask her if she needed to be warm in bed.

Use subtle dirty text messages to let her know that you could do wonders if she lying next to you.Tell her that you were feeling too hot and needed to take a shower!

If the girl shows no interest and refrains from replying favorably, do not push the issue. Move on to other more comfortable topics.

Compliment and flatter her and let her know that you wish to see her soon – 

Her answers will indicate her state of mind and if she lets you know that she is attracted, fix a time and place to meet.

Be intuitive and cautious when sending dirty text messages

Use intuition to initial the dirty talk.  Tell her that you feel a vibe from her that has sexual intent. Ask her if you are right and if she answers in the affirmative, flirt with her.

Playfully tease her and call her “naughty”, “sexy” and a little “minx”. Be subtle and not overbearing.

She should look forward to receiving your texts and feel excited about replying to your questions. Tell her that she tops your “to-do” list.

A common mistake that most guys make is using symbols and abbreviations. This lacks finesse.

Sexual innuendos are fun if you play safe. For example if she texts you about completing a hard job, you can playfully text her back “Hard, how hard ;)?”

These types of variations are fun when you are interested in indulging in sex play with the girl of your dreams.

If she reciprocates you can send her some more text messages fantasizing your meeting with her. Do not pursue this line if she does not respond with interest.

Send text messages at convenient times. Learn how to talk dirty to a girl over text. She will be put off if she is awoken from her sleep.

The best time to send messages is probably after dinner and when she is getting ready to sleep at night. Keep up the momentum to keep the ball rolling. Make your moments with her special.

Want more tips?

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How to Turn a Girl On Over Text

If you just spent a date with a girl, you might be wondering how to turn her on over text. I have to say that you have come into the right place to get the answer of this question.

In this post, I will teach you how to turn a girl on over text. But I also want to let you know that you should use these strategies only if you have dated with her, or if you have dated her at least once.

If you haven’t dated her then you can use the strategies of Magnetic Messaging book in which you will be taught how to date a girl after you got her number.

If you haven’t dated her then still you can try to turn her on through text messaging but you must have good acquaintance with her.

Moreover, if you got her number yesterday then don’t try to turn her on over text today. You will just ruin your chances to date her. So let’s start.

How to Turn a Girl On Over Text –

Start with Radar Text –

Radar text is one of the best texts to start a text conversation with a girl. Actually a Radar text will warm up her to be seduced. Using the Radar text after the first date is very crucial to turn her on over text. So I encourage you to start with a Radar text (See more about Radar text in Magnetic Messaging).

See the real life example of how to turn her on over text –

Let’s assume that you dated a girl today, and the next day you sent her a Radar text. Once you sent the Radar text, he would get a positive response from her. Thereafter, you can try to turn her on.

You: “… (Sent the Radar text…)”

Her: “Hahaha… (Or whatever positive response you would get from her and you would get a positive response if you properly craft your Radar text.)”

You: “So, what are you doing cutie??”

Her: “Nothing. I’m just going to sleep.”

(You always need to make sure that if you want to turn her on; you should text her just before she sleeps. Do not try to turn her on in day or when she is busy at work.)

You: “I am watching the romantic classic ‘TITANIC’. And I just watched the most romantic part of this movie.”

You: “Actually, this made me to think about you and to text you.”

Her: “… (Whatever she texted is really doesn’t matter here. You just need to carry on texting her.)”

You: “Do you like this movie??”
(I haven’t seen any girl who has watched this movie and doesn’t like it.)

Her: “Yes, of course.”
You: “So, which part do you like most in this movie?”

Her: “hummmmm!!!”

You: “I liked the part when Jack made the art of Rose while the Rose wore just a necklace.”

(This is how you can start turning her on by text messaging.)

Her: “Hummm!!!”

You: “Do you like this part?”

Her: “No, I don’t”

(Remember that even if she said ‘No’ it doesn’t mean that she didn’t like that part. Here you need to do a little more thing and to play it cool. )

You: “Really?”

(If you use this text conversation then don’t use smilies after the word ‘Really’, or else your approach will be considered as a fun and she might be turned off by your text.)

She will respond with either yes or no. if she doesn’t respond after 3 minutes, then you should send her below text.

You: “Okay, I got your answer.”

If she doesn’t respond you back then rest assure that she has already turn on. And she will text you next day.

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Funny Things to Text a Girl You Like

funny things to text a girl you likeIf you search for the terms ‘funny things to text a girl you like’, you might end up on the websites which show you ‘funny things to text your girlfriend’.

Here I am not assuming that she is your girlfriend.

I believe that you got her number after one or two face-to-face interactions with her.

And you have a little acquaintance with her.

In this post, I will provide you funny things to text a girl you like.

However, I would like you to check out my previous post so that you will have a better understanding of text messaging a girl.

Funny Things to Text a Girl You Like –

Send the cartoons of the celebrities she likes / dislikes –

If you met her once or twice, you might not know the celebrities she likes/dislikes. However, if you know any celebrity she likes or dislikes then you have an opportunity to make her laugh by sending her a fun cartoon of that celebrity.

Make sure that if she likes that celebrity then the cartoon should convey positive message of that celebrity, and if she dislike that celebrity then the cartoon should convey negative message of that celebrity.

To find those types of cartoons, you can search on Google and Facebook.

“I just got a childhood photo of a beautiful girl called [put her name here].”

Do you know a little known secret about girls that they like a guy with a good sense of humor?

In old fashion dating schools, you have been taught that telling a girl that she is beautiful might ruin your chance to be her boyfriend.

However, if you tell a girl that she is beautiful with a good sense of humor then the result may be exact opposite of what you have been taught.

Okay, back to the above text. You can use this text message as it is, and when she asks you where the photo is then send a beautiful photo of a cute little girl.

Take the help of Google and search for the photos of cute little girls. Make sure that the girl on the image is laughing and she looks similar to the girl you are texting.

You: “I just got a childhood photo of a beautiful girl named [put her name here].”

Her: “Hahaha…are you joking!! Where is the photo???”

You: “No, I’m not. Here is the photo…” [Attach the photo of a cute little beautiful girl you find on Google]

These types of flirting text messages show that you are a man of good sense of humor. Moreover, she will assume that you like her, too. These two things will make you different from the rest of crowd.

“Are you hungry…?”

This is another funny text that you can use to start a text conversation with a girl.

Obviously, she will ask you why you asked her that question. You should not text further text asking her whether she got the previous text or not. So make sure that you send her this text while she seems free.

Now the trick is you need to go on Google and search images for ‘delicious chocolates’. Girls like chocolates so much. I never come across a girl who does not like eating chocolates.

Recent researches show that women like chocolates more than men do. And the reason behind it is that chocolates release some kinds of hormones which make women feel good. In a man’s body, those kinds of hormones are not found.

Now back to the funny things to text a girl you like. See the below text conversation.

You: “Are you hungry…”

Her: “Why are you asking??”

You: “Because I have something delicious to eat for delicious person” [now attach a good image of chocolates here]

Her: “Hahaha…You made me really hungry” (probably she will reply this way)

If she laugh or if she says that she has become hungry to see the beautiful image of chocolate then rest assure that you have scored good in your texting game. Now don’t wait to ask her out for a meet up. See the below text and learn how you can ask a girl out over text.

You: “You can end your hunger this evening at [put the name of place where you would like to meet her] with a guy named [put your name here]. He has tons of delicious chocolates for you.”

In your text, add humor and make it a little flirtatious, and she would not resist to meet you that evening.

In the best text messaging book Magnetic Messaging, you will learn this type of various text messages that you can use as your advantage over other guys, and you will have much better chance to get a date by using your smartphone than the guys who don’t know anything about Magnetic Messaging.


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How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text – Examples

how to flirt with a girl over examplesWhen it comes to text flirting with a girl, most guys don’t have any goal in doing so.

In this post, I am not about to give you general advice on how to flirting with a girl over text.

The most general advice you get on this topic on the other websites are something like, ‘tease her’ ‘send her funny text message’ ‘make her smile’ ‘Google funny text messages for’ and so on.

If you want to learn how to text flirt with a girl, you must be clear about what you want from a text flirting.

If you have no goal about this, you should not try to flirt with her over text. Moreover, why do you want to flirt with her if you don’t any goal to do so?

Anyway, in my opinion flirting with a girl through text is good if you want to date her later. In fact, you should start flirting with her over text if you want to set up a meet up next day or the day after tomorrow. And it’s not that hard.

So, how to flirt with a girl over text? Follow the below tips:

How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text –

Tip #1. Start with an inside joke –

I met this girl a few months ago in a friend’s party. After a general talk, I had a dance competition with her. Including her most of my colleagues enjoyed the dace competition. When she gave me her number, I teased her about her dance and she responded me positively.

The next day, I sent below text to her.

Me: “I am wondering if you are doing dance practice to beat me next time :-)”

This is called a inside joke. Through that text, I sparked the same emotions she had while she was with me at that party.

This text talked about something we both shared. Moreover, talking about an inside joke is always better than sending the general ‘hey beautiful’ text if you want to flirt with her at that time.

Now see the whole conversation I had with her.

Me: “I am wondering if you are doing dance practice to beat me next time :-)”

Her: “Hahaha…so what are you doing Alex”

Me: “Texting you :-)”

Her: “Funny…so you are a free time text buddy:-/” 

(See how she tested me. A girl always tests a guy before she makes him her boyfriend. It’s normal and you have to pass this test if you want to date her.)

Me: “I have one suggestion for you.”

(See how I ignored her test and changed the topic without being nervous or angry.)

Her: “What…!”

Me: “Don’t be too cruel to your legs. Give them rest. Do less dance practice.”

Her: “Hahaha…”

In my previous article How to ask a girl out over text, I said that the moment a girl laughs at your text is the time to ask her out for a date.

Next day, this girl hanged out with me with my friends. So, flirt with a girl by talking about an inside joke and it will be easier for you to keep the conversation going on with you and ask her out.

Tip #2. Use reverse psychology with humor –

Once you send her the Radar Text (See more about Radar text in Magnetic Messaging report) you should try to warm up her by using reverse psychology and humor.

Normally, a girl is molested by a group of guys. What if you say her that you are just molested by a group of girls? You can send below text message to flirt with her.

You: “I went to a new work place, and I was just molested by a group of cougars.”

If you send this text, then most probably she would ask you ‘then what did you do’ or she send you a ‘Hahaha…’ text. Now see below how should you response.

You: “I went to a new work place, and I was just molested by a group of cougars.”

Her: “Hahaha…then what did you do!!!”

You: “Just enjoyed being molested :-)”

This type of flirting text will transform you from ‘just another guy’ to ‘a fun loving guy with whom she would like to date’.

Want more text flirting tips??

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Texting a Girl For The First Time – The ‘How To’ Guide

There are a few things that you must remember when you are texting a girl for the first time. texting a girl for the first time

  • By giving her phone number she didn’t make any contract with you to see you again.
  • She gave her number to you doesn’t mean that she did so just because she liked you. She might be afraid to say ‘No’ to a guy who seems polite.
  • If she gave her number to you because you flirted with her in a way she liked, then she might also give her number to some other guys she met in any other social gathering place. And there is a big chance that those guys are also trying to win her by sending funny and cute text messages.
  • Lastly and the most importantly, she is not about to meet you again unless she finds fun in you. In other words, you can’t convince her to meet you by giving her logics that you have bla bla bla. Until meeting with you is fun for her she is not going to see you again.

So, how to text a girl for the first time? In this post, I will teach you exactly what to do in this case.

Texting a Girl For The First Time –

Tip #1. Do not show ‘fake disinterest’ –

If you have been reading dating tips online for a while, you might have seen that some dating websites are teaching men that they should not text a girl for first time.

According to those sites, only beta males (low confident men) send the first text when they get a girl’s number. They further add that a man must wait for at least 3 days before they send their first text message.

I have to say that in a good text game all these are not that important. In Magnetic Messaging system, you will learn that texting game has been changed since the appearance of ‘Whatsapp’. The tips which were written 5 years ago do not need to be correct at all.

In fact, you must not wait more than 1 day to send a text to a girl you just met. The longer you wait, the lesser attraction she has for you.

Before her attraction level for you fade away, you must text her and make connection with her. Do not show fake disinterest by not texting her in the first three days.

Do not wait for her to send you first text message. It’s your job to craft a good first text message for her. And then build rapport with her through text messaging.

Tip #2. Start with the curiosity text –

In my previous article How to start a conversation with a girl over text, I said that the curiosity text is one of the best texts to send a girl the first text and start a text conversation with her.

See an example of a curiosity text:

You: “Thank You”

If you send her this text, she would instantly reply you and ask you for what you thanked her. This is how curiosity text works.

See the below example to learn how should you respond thereafter.

You: “Thank You :-)”

Her: “For What :@”

You: “For the beautiful evening I had with you.”

You can see that the last text will create good emotions in her and she will associate those emotions with you. This text will also remind her the good time she spent with you. And it will open an opportunity for both of you to start a conversation over text.

Now what if you send above text after 4 or 5 days? In this case, the above text might not be that effective.

In the best text messaging book Magnetic Messaging, you will get lots of curiosity and other text templates which you can use with a number of girls you encounter every day.

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