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How to Sexting: See These 10 Examples

how to sextingWhen looking at the best ways to get a girl interested via text messaging, the following 10 examples are some of the fastest and proven methods to be successful.

Follow these simple methods and she will be sexting back before you know it! Please read on for the best in How to Sexting.

1. Be Respectful

Yes, your ultimate goal is to get this girl into the sack. You hope to quickly achieve this via sexting.

However, the majority of women are going to run and block your number if you start with sexting right out of the gate.

Therefore, it is crucial that you get the ball rolling by approaching her from a polite and respectful place at the beginning. You need to establish her trust in you, and to give her a sense of security.

Important note: Absolutely do not attempt to send naked or vulgar pics in the first few rounds of your sexting relationship. Behaving in this manner could result in some very unpleasant consequences.

Do make sure to ask if you can send her a face pic so that she can use it to add to her contacts. This will insure that she has a great picture of you to look at when she is thinking of you.

She will be sure to sext all the quicker if she has this. Please also note that it is okay to use some standard text abbreviations, but do not overuse them or let your messages look like a big ball of nonsense. That is a turn off.

2. Use Humor

Some of the strongest and most exciting relationships are the ones that start out with healthy humor as a base.

Making her laugh (especially when she is having a bad day) makes her feel better, releases hormones that make you even more funny texts, and sharing a good laugh means that the trust factor mentioned above is firmly established.

Humor is also a great way to break the ice and relieve tension when you are not really sure what to say next. Sending funny texts is a great means to reach your goal of sexting.

3. Compliment Her

One of the best ways to excite a girl and further establish trust is to give her compliments. Keep them simple and to the point.

An example would be “I bet your eyes are extra blue today. You always dress so well too.”

As she begins to open up more, you can begin the preliminary sexting; i.e. “I would love to kiss your gorgeous lips soon.”

4. Take Her Out

A simple date or two with the right actions will have her breathless with anticipation and ready to take things to the next level.

Make sure to listen intently to what she says while gazing into her eyes. Lean in to lightly brush her hair back from her face after a meal or drink.

Tell her a few personal stories to get her to open up and share more with you.

Make sure you text her something like “Thank you so much for a wonderful time tonight. Text you in the morning?”

She will be eager for you to text her, and will look for that first thing when she awakens. Make sure that you follow through.

You want her to anticipate and look forward to seeing you again; in this way, she will be even closer to fulfilling your how to sexting goals.

She will want to talk more, and she will initiate contact and also be a little bolder with her texts because she is missing you.

5. Move In Slowly

Now is the time to move in slowly but surely to seal the deal. She wants to see more of you, she is often texting you first, and she has become more comfortable and at ease with texting you in general.

Things are leaning more towards a romantic theme. When you know she trusts you, move in confidently.

Send her a text similar to the one above (“I would love to kiss your gorgeous lips soon”) in Example 3. She will probably reply with something like,

“I would like to kiss you too”,


“Thank you. That would be really nice.”

At this point, you are able to come on a little stronger. After work, text her and ask her if she is settled for the evening and say

“Would love to text more tonight.”

This is pretty much a guarantee at this point that she will answer with a big “OK!”

6. Use a Tested and True Method

One of the classic lines, which actually originated in regular phone calls, has now become a staple of sexting as well.

“What are you wearing right now?”

This is a great way to begin your new sexting success. After you chat briefly about her day, etc., this is a great line to use to get her to explore the wonderful world of sexting.

She will probably giggle, blush, and then say something like

“Well, I am relaxing so I have my pink babydoll gown on.”

Then you can flirt with her by sexting like,

“I bet you look so sexy! Do you think that I could see?”

She is very likely to sext you a pic at this point. Get ready for even more excitement! Make sure to compliment her beauty and tell her

“I would love to keep texting tonight if you are up for it.”


7. Keep Communication Open

Always keep her wanting more, as in do not over text or text her immediately after you see her.

However, because you have established her trust, you do want to follow through. Keep the regular texting communications open.

This will make her much more open to sexting, and likely that soon she will be initiating some of the first lines.

Text her in the morning when you are sure that she is up. At this time, you can send a text something like,

“A beautiful morning for a beautiful person :-)”

This is a good example. Then you can bet that later in the day or evening, she will be hot and ready for sexting!

8. Ask for More Pics

The normal way to ask pics of her is texting her like “I can’t stop thinking about you. I would love another couple of pics, maybe a little naughty this time? ;)”.

You can do the same thing without appearing needy. Se the example:

You: “The ice bucket challenge for you…Can you dare to send your pics in which you are doing naughty things!!”

She will also be interested in some naughty pics of you if she has sent you more that one of herself.

By all means, keep the pics to yourself. You have a good thing going; no need to ruin it.

9. More Sexting Lines

Here are more ideas of great sexting lines to send her to keep thing going. You should, at this point, be venturing into actually living your sexting fantasies out in real time as well. 😉

“I would love to cum see you tonight.”

“I bet that gown you’re wearing is lovely, but wouldn’t I look better on you?”

“Are you in bed yet? Would love to be between the sheets with you right now.”

“I have been so turned on thinking about you all day.”

“I had to leave work early because you were running through my mind all day. I couldn’t get anything done.”

“I have a special gift for you tonight.”

“I have a naughty surprise that I have been wanting to share with you.”

“I’ve been waiting for you to sext me all day.”

“Texting last night was fun. Want to act it out in real life?”

“You are so gorgeous. I love it when you blush. I can’t wait to make your cheeks flush later.”

“How did I get so lucky to have someone as hot as you?”

“Wear that dress I like so much. Although I can’t wait to rip it off of you!”

“You have great legs. Is that why you’ve been running through my mind all day?”

10. Maintain What You Have Accomplished

Once again, you have a good thing going here. If you suddenly break off communication, or you communicate too little, the trust she has for you will be broken; then you will have to do all of the work over again to get back to the point of sexting.

If you don’t keep in touch, she will be turned off and not want to receive a random sext out of the blue.

How to Sexting is easy and quite fun if you see and follow the examples above. Going slow and steady will result to insure that you enjoy a long and luscious sexting life.

There is something about the anticipation involved: dreaming of what you want to do to each other when you are together, then typing that out to make it a real possibility.

A woman loves seduction; a woman loves to be wooed and pursued in the right manner.

One of the beauties of this instant communication world we live in is that we can easily establish trust and excitement with someone via text messaging, and via the wonderful arena of sexting.

Many relationships are strengthened and thrive through sexting and keeping things lively.

The words “What are you wearing right now?” and “How would you like to be in my bed tonight?” suddenly have much more force and the ability to reach your sexting goals.

What are some of the successful sexting lines you have sent to a woman?


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Dirty Texts to Send to a Girl – Sexting Examples

You have just met the most attractive girl and you cannot seem to get her off your mind. She may have given you her number last night but then you saw you giving her number to other guys as well.

You are not the only one she will receive messages from and therefore you should try and make sure that she does not get turned off with your messages.

Even if the girl you are interested in is dating someone else you can win her over when you learn how to talk dirty to girls over text messages.

She may respond initially with icy cold text messages but if you wish to pursue, tread carefully and send her messages that work like magnets to keep her getting hooked to reading and responding to your texts.

You will know it works when she starts sending you warmer texts.

Learn to be discreet when you wish to make her fall for you.

With just a few conversations, you should have her responding and you can then start flirting with her.

Select the right time to send her messages as she will not respond when she is at work or during the day when there are many chores to be completed.

The best time would be in the evenings though you should not let her know you are at home waiting to get a life!

Send her a few sexy text messages and you will be able to gauge her reactions.

When you are lying in bed at night, you could send her a message asking her if she is alone. She will respond for sure if no one else is with her.

You could let her know in your message that you would like to be with her at that moment and see if she replies in the positive way. Here are a few dirty texts to send to a girl (sexting examples).

Dirty Texts to Send to a Girl –

Start your text messages with a casual question like this:

“What are you up to at this moment?”

If she is bored or alone she may respond by giving you an honest answer which is an encouragement for you to pursue the texting.

Ask her if she likes to cuddle when lying in bed and wait for her response.


“If someone sleeps behind me, I always like to cuddle him. What about you?”

You can then tell her you would like to imagine her in bed, and surprise her with this text:

“What are you wearing?”

If she feels an emotional stirring and wishes to lead you on she will be very specific at this point.

She may let you know the color of her lingerie or better still send you a picture of herself in bed.

Remember that her responses may also not carry much weight as she is only passing time and has someone else on her mind.

One good way of finding out if she likes your dirty text messages is to provoke her into texting dirty.

Ask her if she has watched someone else performing sex either on television or in person.

“Just curious to know whether you’ve watched porn :-)”

Let her give you some details and you will find it easier to communicate more freely with her on the topic of sex.

From her responses you should be able to figure out if she will have sex with you when you are alone with her.

You can now ask her naughty questions such as:

“When you look at a nude picture of a guy, where do your eyes travel?”

You will be satisfied when she responds with an honest answer that signifies that she is interested in you.

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How to Talk Dirty to a Girl over Text – Examples

How to talk dirty to a girl over textSending a text message to a girl can help a guy to succeed in taking her out on a date.

Text messages are private, inexpensive and easy to send to girl once you have their numbers.

If you wish to land her in bed, you should learn how to talk dirty to a girl over text.

Be cautious when you are attracted to a particular girl and use short cute messages that will floor her and have her responding eagerly to your messages.

Be positive and build up momentum with the text messages  –

The first step when you meet someone of your dreams is to exchange phone numbers with her.

She needs to connect later so recall the incident or time and place when you met and give her a pet name that is cute. You can call her “sexy”, “cutie” or “honey”.

Do not waste too much time once you have met her or she may forget you.  You can tell her that she was occupying your thoughts and ask her what she was doing at that particular time.

She may respond that she was in the shower and you can quickly tell her that you were thinking about her in the shower.

Sexy humorous text messages – 

Do not pursue this line but move on to other topics through your text messages. Her replies will indicate if she wants to play along with you.

If you feel she is getting aroused, ask her what she is wearing. Reply quickly when she answers to keep the adrenal flowing.

If you find out that she is alone, you can ask her if she needed to be warm in bed.

Use subtle dirty text messages to let her know that you could do wonders if she lying next to you.Tell her that you were feeling too hot and needed to take a shower!

If the girl shows no interest and refrains from replying favorably, do not push the issue. Move on to other more comfortable topics.

Compliment and flatter her and let her know that you wish to see her soon – 

Her answers will indicate her state of mind and if she lets you know that she is attracted, fix a time and place to meet.

Be intuitive and cautious when sending dirty text messages

Use intuition to initial the dirty talk.  Tell her that you feel a vibe from her that has sexual intent. Ask her if you are right and if she answers in the affirmative, flirt with her.

Playfully tease her and call her “naughty”, “sexy” and a little “minx”. Be subtle and not overbearing.

She should look forward to receiving your texts and feel excited about replying to your questions. Tell her that she tops your “to-do” list.

A common mistake that most guys make is using symbols and abbreviations. This lacks finesse.

Sexual innuendos are fun if you play safe. For example if she texts you about completing a hard job, you can playfully text her back “Hard, how hard ;)?”

These types of variations are fun when you are interested in indulging in sex play with the girl of your dreams.

If she reciprocates you can send her some more text messages fantasizing your meeting with her. Do not pursue this line if she does not respond with interest.

Send text messages at convenient times. Learn how to talk dirty to a girl over text. She will be put off if she is awoken from her sleep.

The best time to send messages is probably after dinner and when she is getting ready to sleep at night. Keep up the momentum to keep the ball rolling. Make your moments with her special.

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How to Turn a Girl On Over Text

If you just spent a date with a girl, you might be wondering how to turn her on over text. I have to say that you have come into the right place to get the answer of this question.

In this post, I will teach you how to turn a girl on over text. But I also want to let you know that you should use these strategies only if you have dated with her, or if you have dated her at least once.

If you haven’t dated her then you can use the strategies of Magnetic Messaging book in which you will be taught how to date a girl after you got her number.

If you haven’t dated her then still you can try to turn her on through text messaging but you must have good acquaintance with her.

Moreover, if you got her number yesterday then don’t try to turn her on over text today. You will just ruin your chances to date her. So let’s start.

How to Turn a Girl On Over Text –

Start with Radar Text –

Radar text is one of the best texts to start a text conversation with a girl. Actually a Radar text will warm up her to be seduced. Using the Radar text after the first date is very crucial to turn her on over text. So I encourage you to start with a Radar text (See more about Radar text in Magnetic Messaging).

See the real life example of how to turn her on over text –

Let’s assume that you dated a girl today, and the next day you sent her a Radar text. Once you sent the Radar text, he would get a positive response from her. Thereafter, you can try to turn her on.

You: “… (Sent the Radar text…)”

Her: “Hahaha… (Or whatever positive response you would get from her and you would get a positive response if you properly craft your Radar text.)”

You: “So, what are you doing cutie??”

Her: “Nothing. I’m just going to sleep.”

(You always need to make sure that if you want to turn her on; you should text her just before she sleeps. Do not try to turn her on in day or when she is busy at work.)

You: “I am watching the romantic classic ‘TITANIC’. And I just watched the most romantic part of this movie.”

You: “Actually, this made me to think about you and to text you.”

Her: “… (Whatever she texted is really doesn’t matter here. You just need to carry on texting her.)”

You: “Do you like this movie??”
(I haven’t seen any girl who has watched this movie and doesn’t like it.)

Her: “Yes, of course.”
You: “So, which part do you like most in this movie?”

Her: “hummmmm!!!”

You: “I liked the part when Jack made the art of Rose while the Rose wore just a necklace.”

(This is how you can start turning her on by text messaging.)

Her: “Hummm!!!”

You: “Do you like this part?”

Her: “No, I don’t”

(Remember that even if she said ‘No’ it doesn’t mean that she didn’t like that part. Here you need to do a little more thing and to play it cool. )

You: “Really?”

(If you use this text conversation then don’t use smilies after the word ‘Really’, or else your approach will be considered as a fun and she might be turned off by your text.)

She will respond with either yes or no. if she doesn’t respond after 3 minutes, then you should send her below text.

You: “Okay, I got your answer.”

If she doesn’t respond you back then rest assure that she has already turn on. And she will text you next day.

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