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Funny Things to Text a Girl You Like

funny things to text a girl you likeIf you search for the terms ‘funny things to text a girl you like’, you might end up on the websites which show you ‘funny things to text your girlfriend’.

Here I am not assuming that she is your girlfriend.

I believe that you got her number after one or two face-to-face interactions with her.

And you have a little acquaintance with her.

In this post, I will provide you funny things to text a girl you like.

However, I would like you to check out my previous post so that you will have a better understanding of text messaging a girl.

Funny Things to Text a Girl You Like –

Send the cartoons of the celebrities she likes / dislikes –

If you met her once or twice, you might not know the celebrities she likes/dislikes. However, if you know any celebrity she likes or dislikes then you have an opportunity to make her laugh by sending her a fun cartoon of that celebrity.

Make sure that if she likes that celebrity then the cartoon should convey positive message of that celebrity, and if she dislike that celebrity then the cartoon should convey negative message of that celebrity.

To find those types of cartoons, you can search on Google and Facebook.

“I just got a childhood photo of a beautiful girl called [put her name here].”

Do you know a little known secret about girls that they like a guy with a good sense of humor?

In old fashion dating schools, you have been taught that telling a girl that she is beautiful might ruin your chance to be her boyfriend.

However, if you tell a girl that she is beautiful with a good sense of humor then the result may be exact opposite of what you have been taught.

Okay, back to the above text. You can use this text message as it is, and when she asks you where the photo is then send a beautiful photo of a cute little girl.

Take the help of Google and search for the photos of cute little girls. Make sure that the girl on the image is laughing and she looks similar to the girl you are texting.

You: “I just got a childhood photo of a beautiful girl named [put her name here].”

Her: “Hahaha…are you joking!! Where is the photo???”

You: “No, I’m not. Here is the photo…” [Attach the photo of a cute little beautiful girl you find on Google]

These types of flirting text messages show that you are a man of good sense of humor. Moreover, she will assume that you like her, too. These two things will make you different from the rest of crowd.

“Are you hungry…?”

This is another funny text that you can use to start a text conversation with a girl.

Obviously, she will ask you why you asked her that question. You should not text further text asking her whether she got the previous text or not. So make sure that you send her this text while she seems free.

Now the trick is you need to go on Google and search images for ‘delicious chocolates’. Girls like chocolates so much. I never come across a girl who does not like eating chocolates.

Recent researches show that women like chocolates more than men do. And the reason behind it is that chocolates release some kinds of hormones which make women feel good. In a man’s body, those kinds of hormones are not found.

Now back to the funny things to text a girl you like. See the below text conversation.

You: “Are you hungry…”

Her: “Why are you asking??”

You: “Because I have something delicious to eat for delicious person” [now attach a good image of chocolates here]

Her: “Hahaha…You made me really hungry” (probably she will reply this way)

If she laugh or if she says that she has become hungry to see the beautiful image of chocolate then rest assure that you have scored good in your texting game. Now don’t wait to ask her out for a meet up. See the below text and learn how you can ask a girl out over text.

You: “You can end your hunger this evening at [put the name of place where you would like to meet her] with a guy named [put your name here]. He has tons of delicious chocolates for you.”

In your text, add humor and make it a little flirtatious, and she would not resist to meet you that evening.

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