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Why Don’t Girls Text First

So, you are wondering at the question why don’t girls text first. In this post, I will give you psychological reasons behind this, and I will also show you what to text to get them to respond you.

Before we go further, just do a simple task.

Type this phrase ‘dating tips for men’ on Google and take a quick search. You will see lots of pages for this search term.

You just need to neglect ‘wikihow’s’ pages for this search term. Go to a few of those websites and check their ‘about’ sections. ‘About’ pages are actually an intro page of the authors.

So, when you check their ‘About’ sections, you will normally end up with the stories like this:

“Hey, I am a former nerd. I had no success with women for years. And somehow I discovered how to trick women.

Now I have dated more than one thousand women. I bang 30 different women in 30 days, and bla bla bla!”

Now do a second search with this phrase ‘dating tips for women’.

Again, you need to do the same things as you did previously with phrase ‘dating tips for men’.

This time also check the ‘About’ section and see what the authors tell about themselves if they are female authors.

No matter, how much authority they have, if they are female author, they will never tell that they have dated with more than a thousand men, and they have slept with lots of men.

Here we comes in a good conclusion which is a thing which might be prestigious for men might be not prestigious for women. 

So, what this has to do with the question ‘why don’t girls text first’?

The answer in simple words is girls don’t text first because they are taught to act this way by our society.

A girl doesn’t want to seem like a low value girl. And she is afraid being considered as a low value girl if she texts a guy first.

However, texting isn’t related with a girl’s value. But girls think this way because they are grown up with lots of social norms.

I don’t say that all girls don’t text first, but in most cases girls don’t text first.

Therefore, advice like ‘wait three days to text a girl for the first time’ doesn’t have any good logic.

In my advice, if a guy exchanges his number with a girl, then he should be first to text her. He should not wait for her text message to text her back.

Some guys says that if a guy text a girl first, then he will appear desperate and needy.

My advice to those guys is that if a guy doesn’t text a girl first, then he should wait for her text for lifetime.

On the other hand, if he texts first and he text the girl the right way, then he will appear a confident guy who doesn’t afraid of texting her.

Remember that most guys out there are sticking to the advice like ‘wait for a long time to text a girl you just met’.

So, you have much more advantage over those guys definitely.

If you recently got a number of a girl then stick to this advice:

  • Text her the same day, or the next day. Don’t wait for more than a day for your first text message.
  • Start with a RADAR text, instead of boring and casual text like ‘hope you went home safe’.

Remember that men and women have different values and they see the world from different angles.

A man can proudly say that he has slept with multiple women, but a woman can’t proudly say it even if she has done so.

As a man, you are thinking why don’t girls text first. And you are trying to find out the answer of this question in the way most men think.

But try to put yourself in the shoes of women. Try to think in the way they think. Soon, you will realize that even if a girl is dying to text you (or thinking about you all day), she isn’t going to text you first.

If she texts, then good luck. If she doesn’t, then it’s your job to text her first.

Then start a text conversation with her to build rapport with her. Thereafter, she may text you first to start a text conversation with you next time.

So, how can you do so?

Use the unknown tips of Magnetic Messaging system and get her to fall in love with you by just sending her the right text messages on the right time.

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Girl Doesn’t Text Back – Here Is What You Need To Do

girl doesn't text backSo, a girl doesn’t text you back and this is making you feel wired, isn’t it?

In this post, I am about to give you some sure fire pre-written texts that you can use when a girl doesn’t text back.

Rest assured that these texts will work because they have been tested many times.

Now let me talk about a big and common reason why a girl doesn’t text back when you texted her is that you were a bad texter.

You might not have fully utilized the opportunity you had by sending her average or bad texts.

Why is a girl not texting back –

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid while texting her for the first time (also these might be the mistakes you made which made her not to text you back). So, pay attention here:

#1. Bad teasing –

If you don’t know much about her then you should be a little cautious while you are trying to tease her to make her laugh. It might make her offend if you do it the wrong way.

#2. Putting her on a pedestal –

Putting her on a pedestal in your initial text might be a complete turn off for her (this might make her to think that you don’t value yourself and you are a beta male).

#3. Too much praising –

If you text her like ‘hey beautiful’ ‘hey beautiful’ ‘hey beautiful’ then actually you are saying her, “I didn’t even talk to a woman before you, and I am a complete loser. Please respond me, please respond me, and please respond me!!”

#4. Too much bragging –

A little bit bragging about yourself is good in your first text. However, bragging too much can make her turned off.

Don’t send a text to a woman like, “I am busy because I am the most important employee of our company? I don’t have time to talk or text to my friends, but I am texting you because I find something different in you.”

#5. Nervous texts –

If you are too serious about her then you might not text her. Texting is just a game, and you should prepare for both win and loss.

However, if you follow my tips, the chances of loss will be minimal. If your texts convey a message that you are desperate for a response from her, then probably she might not respond you.

#6. Don’t Texting the RADAR Text –

The 6th and the biggest mistake you do while trying to start a text conversation with a girl is not crafting a RADAR text. If you don’t start with a RADAR text, then the chances to date her will not be that much.

So, what should you do when you sent her a bad text and she is not texting you back?

First, you should not always assume that she doesn’t like you if she doesn’t response. She might not read your text, she might leave her phone on home or she might be busy at work.

So the first tip I want to give you is that you should wait at least 24 hours to make sure that she didn’t response because she ignored you.

It often happens that a girl flirt with you so much when you mat her at bar or party, she gives her number but when you text her, she ignores your text as though she didn’t even know you.

After 24 hours if she doesn’t text you back, then you should send her another RADAR text. Don’t know what a RADAR text is? Actually, a RADAR text is a text which is crafted to get the attention of a woman. Each RADAR text is unique for each woman (See more about radar text in Magnetic Messaging).

If she doesn’t respond you again then it’s time to do something else. Below is what I texted to a girl who didn’t respond me.

“So, you are trying hard to get. Let me know how long should I wait for your text to appear cool and to qualify for your test?”

You can use the same text template for her. If she doesn’t response, then use curiosity text to make her curious about you and what you say. See below example text:

“Linda was talking s***t about you, but I didn’t believe in her.”

It will defiantly make her to think about who Linda is and what bad thing she said about her because this text is made to trigger her curiosity.

If she respond you, then that’s fine. However, you shouldn’t send further texts until you know the complete strategy of Magnetic Messaging, or else you might mess things up.

How to Respond The Negative ‘Who is this?’ Text ( The SECRET) –

Sometimes guys ask me what should they reply if girls replied the curiosity text with a negative tone like,

“Who is this :/ ?”

In this case, you should not take it too seriously. It rarely happens, however I have also a good solution for this text. See below I what I text a girl who texted me above text:

Her: “Who is this?”

Me: “God for haven…How many smart guys named starts with the letter ‘A’ and ends with the latter ‘x’ you know?”

She easily guessed that this was Alex, and we had a fun conversation thereafter.

You should always add fun in your text. This is the only way to make a girl respond to your text and to make her like you.

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