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What to Text a Girl You Just Met – See the Examples

what to text a girl you just met examplesSo, right to the point you want to know what to text a girl you just met.

Probably, you went to a bar/ nightclub/ party and got interaction with a girl. You excited her and she gave her number to you.

You just came home, and now you are wondering what and how to text her.

No problem! I will give you examples of what to text her.

You just need to forget about what you have read on other website which provided you superficial tips.

What to Text a Girl You Just met –

In my previous article How to start a text conversation with a girl, I said that the curiosity text is one of the best texts to send a girl to start a conversation.

But when it comes to texting a girl you just met, you need to consider the other strategy which is called Radar Text (You can get fully description about Radar Text in the best text messaging book Magnetic Messaging).

While you are texting a girl you just met, you need to consider just two things:

  • Sparking emotions
  • Making connections

Women are emotional creatures. They do things based on their current emotions.  Furthermore, they are hard to be convinced by logistics.

Anyway, when you are going to text her, you should bear in mind that your text should spark her emotions and your follow-up texts should make connection with her.

Or your first text should do the both things. Let me give you an example of my friend Joe.

An Example of my friend Joe – Learn from him

Joe was an average single and frustrated guy. He often went to bars. One day he met with a woman named Sue. Sue was a young and single parent of her two kids.

During the conversation, Joe found that the Sue’s father had passed away when Sue was a kid. When Sue left the bar, she said that she had to go home early because her kids were alone.

Joe got her number. When he returned home, he texted a texted which sparked her emotions and which made her feel connected with Joe.

Here is the Joe’s text:

“I know how it feels when a kid grows up with a single parent, because I have felt it. My mom was passed away when I was a kid. Anyway, take care of your kids. Good night!”

Off course, you don’t need to tell lies. You just need to find similarities between you and her. And then you need to craft a text which spark her emotions and make her feel connected with you.

When Sue received Joe’s text, she felt a strong connection with him because Joe also lost one of his parents in his early age. Also, Joe’s text made her feel that Joe can become a good father of the current kids.

This only text made Joe to get a date with Sue.

Now back to what and how to text a girl you just met

Lesson from Joe’s story:

1. You must pay attention on your initial meeting. You must try to know her needs, hops, and similarities she has with you.

2. You must text her in the same evening or the same night so that she easily remember you.

3. Considering the lesson 1, you need to craft a text which can spark her emotions and make her feel connected with you (You can learn more about Radar text on Magnetic Messaging).

Things you need to avoid –

The worst thing you can do to text a girl you just met is to go on Google and search for the term “funny text messages to send a girl you just met”. Thereafter, send whatever texts which Google brings to you.

The problem with those pre-written texts is that they might spark her emotions but they are unable to make connection with her.

Also, this what most guys do, and you need to stand out from the crowd to get her attention and to date her.


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How to Start a Conversation With a Girl Over Text

how to start a conversation with a girl over textSo, you just got a number of a girl, and now you want to start a conversation with her over text. But the problem is you don’t know how?

In this post I will teach you how to start a conversation with a girl over text.

The curiosity text

In Magnetic Messaging book you will learn that starting with a curiosity text is one of the best ways to start a text conversation with a girl.

Curiosity text is something that makes her curious about something related to you.

Without making you more curious, I want you to send below text to her.

You: “I am unable to stop thinking about…”

Curiosity text is all about not telling something, and the other person will become eager to know the thing you didn’t say.

Before I tell you how to start a conversation with a girl through text, you must understand how important curiosity is in a text conversation.

An important lesson from Arabian nights

So, how important the curiosity is to start a text conversation? Let me tell you a story about Arabian nights.

A long while ago, there was a king (I really don’t remember his name) in Middle East. In his early age he came across with some unfaithful women. He and his brother were manipulated by some of those women. He misinterpreted this life experience and he assumed that no women were trustworthy on this earth.

When he became king of his state, he started marring and killing women. Every day, he got married  with a different woman, he spent night with her, and the next morning he killed her so that their wives could not cheat on him.

This happened for a long time until the king got married with a wise woman who knew how to use curiosity to make people do the things they want.

When the king got married with her, the first night she told a story. She told the story whole night. And she end the story with a cliffhanger in the next morning.

The king was curious to know about what would happen next in the story. So, the first morning he didn’t give the order to kill the queen.

Next night, that wise lady did the same thing again. She started continuing the story the whole night and end it with a cliffhanger in the morning.

Again, the king was curious to know what would happen next. So, he refused to give the order to kill her that morning, too.

Next night, the queen did the same thing. And all these things happened for more than 1000 nights until the king had children with that queen. And finally, queen made the king believed that she was faithful, she didn’t cheat on him. And if a few women were unfaithful then it didn’t mean that all women were unfaithful.

Moral of the story:

If the queen saved her life for more than one thousand days by making the king curious about the story, then it is quite possible to make a girl believe that you are her potential boyfriend by using Curiosity Texts.

Now back to the text you send her (which is “I am unable to stop thinking about…”)

In almost all cases, the girl will respond you by asking “about what?”

If she doesn’t respond you, then probably she doesn’t know how to use a smartphone or probably she really hates you.

Anyway, when she replies your text, then see below to know how should you respond.

You: “I am unable to stop thinking about…”

Her: “About what?”

You: “How beautiful you are!”


“How caring you are!”


“How energetic you are!”


“How rosy your cheeks are!”

And so on.

You can make similar texts as above while considering her. Don’t tell lies just to give her a compliment. It is advised that the opening texts should be a humorous compliment instead of flattery one.

So, how did you start a conversation with a girl?

Step 1. You pressed her curiosity button and made her curious about your text.

Step 2. You got her to reply you.

Step 3. You gave her a real and true compliment instead of a flattery one. And now the conversation is going on and you can take it to the next level.

In Magnetic Messaging, there are plenty of curiosity texts that you can use to start a text conversation with any girl who gave her number to you. You will also learn how to handle the conversation and get her to date with you.

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How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text – Text Message Examples

how to ask a girl out over textSo, you have built initial rapport with a girl. You have already texted her so many times and now you want to ask her out over text.

In this post, I will teach you how to ask a girl out over text.

But before doing so, I would ask you to check below post to get better understanding of text messaging:

Now back to the how to ask a girl out over text. Read the following tips.

Tip #1. Make her laugh –

It is always easier to make people to do the things you want when they are happy with you. This is also true when it comes to dating women. Send texts to make her laugh (see more things to text a girl to make her smile), and it will be much easier for you to ask her out through texts.

Tip #2. Make her believe that she will have fun with you –

Once you make her laugh through your text message, you need to handle her response and make her laugh more. In Magnetic Messaging Report, there are so many ways that you can use to keep the conversation going on.

Actually, you need to make her believe that she will have fun with you if she hangs out with you. The best way to do so is to flirt with her on text. Convince her unconscious mind that you are a fun loving guy.

Tip #3. Ask her out –

Most guys ask me “Is it ok or bad to ask a girl out over text?”. My response is always simple.

It is ok only if you do it the right way. And if you don’t know the right way to ask her out then you might not ask her because you may feel awkward if she doesn’t response your text.

So what is the right way to text her asking her out?

The moment you find her sending texts like “Hahaha…” or the moment you feel that she is laughing aloud at your texts, then that is the moment to ask her out in a fun way. See the below example.

Her: “Hahaha… (she might say something funny)…”

You: “Do you know the best way to________________ (mention whatever funny thing she said) is to Hang Out with a guy named_______ (put your name here) at ______ (write the place where you want to date her).

Remember that you don’t need to give the power to her and ask her where she would like to meet with you. It’s you who will set the time and place to for the date.

Women are very subtle to sense assertiveness, decisiveness and the power.

This is the reason why begging texts like “I want to meet with you, where do you want to meet with me?” or “Are you free? When do you want to meet with me?” don’t work.

What to text a girl if she refuses you to go out with you?

In the Magnetic Messaging course, you will be taught how to deal with flakes and refuses of a woman without feeling bad and convince her to hang out with you.

Here is a very simple tip of Magnetic Messaging to deal with refuses (See more here).

Ok, if you send the previous text in the right moment, there will be more than 70 percent chances that she would agree for a date.

Thereafter, you should instantly suggest her the time for the date. Suggest the time considering her college/office time.

Don’t pressurize her to meet you the next day. It is always good to ask her for the date the day after tomorrow.

Suppose that you texted and asked her out on Tuesday, then you should set up the date on Thursday evening.

Now, what to text if she makes excuses?

If you texted above text described in Tip#3 and she refused your offer by make excuses like she has too much work load then see the below texts to send her.

Her: “Sorry to say, but I have too much work load to go out with you.”

You: “Do you know the best way to deal with burn outs is an energetic evening with a guy name (put your name here).”

She might make another excuse, and you need to make similar text like above and play it cool.

If she refuses again, then see the Magnetic Messaging course where you will get the full description of this texting game. Asking a girl out over text will be a fun for you.

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How to Text a Girl You Like

how to text a girl you like 2I have seen many guys who are by default good in dealing with women.

On the other hand, I always see many guys who are struck when it comes to approaching a beautiful woman.

They are not naturally good with women. And it is completely fine.

I have one message for the guys who are not good in dealing with women is to develop new skills instead of murmuring that you are not so good to attract women.

In this article, I will explain how to text a girl you like. Learning texting skills will also improve your dating skills.

Tip #1. Grab her attention and keep her interested in your texts –

If you want to learn how to text a girl you like, you need to do things to get her attention and keep her interested in your follow-up texts.

The best thing to do so is to make your first text exciting for her. It should be exciting enough to make her stop doing the things she was doing.

In Magnetic Messaging ebook, there is a unique key-lock sequence to break the ice of award silence and make her wait for your texts. Here you will find different text template for her different responses. That’s why it is called Key-Lock sequence. These tips are not found anywhere on the web.

Anyway, by seeing your text, she must feel something unique about you. You should also pay attention to your grammar and spellings. Your text should be error free from any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Tip #2. Make an emotional connection with her –

There is no need of texting her if you are unable to build an emotional connection with her. Girls do things based on their current emotions.

So, how can you build emotional connections with her? This is actually simple. You just need to make her see that you care about her.

Your texts should convey that you care about her emotions. Your texts should convey that you understand her.

To do so, you need to collect as much information of her as you can. Thereafter, use that information as your advantage.

If you become able to build emotional connection over texts, she will always wait for your texts. And in some cases, she will become addicted to your text messages.

Tip#3. Learn how to use sexting –

If you really want to be with this girl in future, or if you want to make her your girlfriend then you should use sexting. Sexting is the way to build sexual chemistry by text messaging.

Flirting with her through text messages can create sexual interest for you in her mind. When this desire become more intense, she will turn into your girlfriend.

Tip #4. Understand the daily routine of her –

The greatest impact of texting is found when the target is free. So, you should text her considering her routine. The greatest text message won’t work if it is sent while she is busy at her work place.

You should prefer texting at evening or night. Normally, girls are free at those times. But you should also concern about what TV shows she watches. You should avoid texting her in the time she loves to watch her favorite show.

Tip #5. Ask open-ended questions over texts –

You should avoid asking questions over texts that she can give answer with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Instead, you should ask open ended questions that she can’t give answer with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Let’s see the below example.

A bad text: “Do you like XYZ TV show?”

She can easily give a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to this question.

A good text: “What do you like in XYZ TV show?”

She can’t give answer to this question with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. She will have to think and type something to give the answer of this question.

Whatever text you text a girl, you shouldn’t be nervous at all. Because love and romance start with fun. If you are too nervous to text a girl then you should not text her at all.


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Things to Text a Girl to Make Her Smile – These Will Blow Her Mind

things to text a girl to make her smileSo, there is a girl that you like so much.

You always think about her and you want to spend more time with her.

To do so, you want to make her smile over text, don’t you?

And now you are wondering what things to text a girl to make her smile.

To help you, I made this post. Read this page thoroughly and improve your texting skills.

Things to text a girl to make her smile

Tip #1. Praise her with flattery –

This is a very simple and effective way to make a girl laugh over text. You just need to do to find the qualities she likes in herself. Then praise her in a flattery way to make her laugh.

Now here is an example. Suppose that your girl go to gym or she learns martial arts, then you can send below message:

You: “I was thinking to send you a joke but I am afraid of your muscles…”

Every girl on this planet wants to hear that she is beautiful. You can use below text to send any girl no matter whether she is beautiful or not.

You: “You are scientifically beautiful…”

You can see that by using above text you are praising your girl with a little flattery.

Tip #2. Integrate curiosity in your texts –

In Magnetic Messaging, my friend Bobby Rio says that generating curiosity about you through text is one of the best ways to make a girl text you back. When she texts you back then you can flirt with her to make her smile.

Here is an example.

If she is a book-worm then you can send similar text like below:

You: “…sorry for the previous text, it was for intelligent persons only.”

If you send above text, surely she will reply you back by asking what was your previous text. This is how to press the curiosity button of a girl to make her text you back.

Anyway, thereafter you should send a text to make her more curious.

You: “Didn’t you get the previous text? If so, that’s good. I bat you wouldn’t be able to understand that.”

Now you are making her more curious about the text. I am sure that she will reply you back by asking what the text was.

Then you need to send below text:

“…*aerho$%asd ###adfp[oee adopj[p@*^%&Y qewd!!@#aoiwq ## nlzmfsdkj!@#*& alkfiew…”

If she replies you again by asking what it is, then you should follow below text:

Her: “What’s this?”

You: “I already told you that only an intelligent person can understand it”

If you play this game with humor, she will really smile and think you as a fun loving guy to be hanged with (Caution: Don’t use this tactic until you understand the full concept on Magnetic Messaging training course or else you might not be able to pay this game well enough).

Tip #3. Use reverse psychology –

If you search on Google the phrase ‘things to text a girl to make her smile’, you will get lots of pages which tell you to send praising texts like,

“Hey beautiful(:”

“Cant wait to see you again. :)”

“I miss you. :)”

“You’re precious, you know that? :) “

Sending these texts will be fine if the girl you are texting is already your girlfriend. You should avoid texting above texts to random girls.

These are the generic texts that every SINGLE guy uses. You need to do different from others to make yourself stand out of the crowd. So what about using reverse psychology for texting a girl.

Instead, using above texts, you should use below texts:

You: “Hey beautiful…I can’t wait to see you again. :)…if someone text you this text, then remember that he doesn’t have a girlfriend:)”

Actually, you are doing the same thing in a different way. She will probably laugh and see you as a fun loving guy.

Some generic texts to make girls smile –

Below are the two generic texts that you can use on any girl to make her smile over text.

“Don’t see yourself deeply in mirror, because even mirror can fall in love with you…Funny? I have other jokes like this, I’ll send you later”

“The most beautiful girl on the earth is reading this message…Awesome? If telling a lie makes someone happy then you should tell lie at once.”

Want more tips on how to make a girl smile over text? My friend Bobby Rio is doing an excellent job in his Magnetic Messaging system. He teaches people ‘what to text’, ‘how to text’ and so on. I highly recommend you to pay close attention on his video presentation on the next page.



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How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

how to get a girl to text you backWhat’s the point in sending a text message if the recipient doesn’t get back to you afterwards?

If there’s no result to your text messaging efforts, it’s quite possible you’re not performing successfully.

The majority of ladies figure out by reviewing your texts whether you’re listening, or in this case, reading or not what they’re writing.

To text successfully you require experience

Don’t do the same old mistakes a number of guys do when they ask girls questions that bore them, namely ‘what are you doing?’ or ‘what’s up?’.

Such questions don’t quite work, not to mention when you and her aren’t that acquainted. This is the first thing you should remember when it comes to learning how to get a girl to text you back.

You should consider some good lines in order to start some efficient conversations. The purpose of such good lines is to determine the girls, or one particular girl to talk to you repeatedly.

When you’re texting a girl you’re in a competition with others that also look forward to gain the girls’ attention. The idea is to send texts that will position you better than the rest of the competition.

The shorter, the better

So in case you’re looking to start texting with a girl, you should be the one to start flashing the signals. No matter what you’re actually looking for, either just a plain friendship or maybe more than that, a particular love interest, you should note that there are certain steps that need following in order to develop your texts to be more productive so that that particular lady will respond.

Rule #1

Don’t even think about getting the girl to enter a relationship with you through your messages. The idea of texting is getting her to like the way you are, the person you represent, namely to be interesting enough for her to start being attracted to you.

Once you succeed in doing so by sending her texts, you are more likely in getting her to make room in her agenda for you so that she can meet you in person.

Rule #2

Don’t buzz her with lots of text messages. The idea is not to bother the girl while she is doing something else or maybe concentrating towards other activities.

If you crowd her with your messages, you may seem to be too lonely or excited about her. You should know no girl is looking for a guy that comes off a little bit too sticky!

Rule #3

Every girl is tired of those classic text messages that go over and over on the net. Create something unique yourself, be spontaneous and make her laugh by sending funny things that are your own (See more Create flirting text messages for her).

Here’s what you need to do

You and the lady you’re texting are not that acquainted, so you should avoid going too up close and personal with her. Set your mind on a funny conversation and flirt with her but avoid sensitive subjects.

She is not the person to clean out your sins, so don’t even think in telling her how you’ve had problems getting along with authority.

Try not to scare the girl away. You want her to know you a bit but you really want her to crave being a part of your wonderful world.

Be good when you text and be sure to outstand your competition with the texts that you send.

The competition: “Hello love, what’s up?”

You: “Hi [girl-name]. I thought that there’s someone in the house, but it was just my cat, she startled me. I don’t know whether to calm down or laugh. And what is amusing you at the moment?”

The competition text comes out as corny and boring – not quite a conversation starter.

But the second message is keen in getting her to see you as a funny person and she’ll want to know more about your personality, so she’ll start replying.

Another thing to keep in mind is that second message can’t be terminated with a simple yes/no answer, so that leaves your imagination to work your way to who knows where?


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How to Text a Girl to Get Her to Like You More

how to text a girl to get her to like youTexting or how some would call it, text messaging, is one of the fastest and most attractive ways of communication introduced by GSM mobile phones. Why? The answer is simple.

Because it binds people from all over the world.

And it has the amazing ability to get us closer although most often we are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

Men can also pursue this means of communication in order to get more attention or even actually sweep their romantic interest off their feet! Now searching for that special someone doesn’t have to be orientated towards only a single person.

Rip the benefits of not seeing your talking woman companion and even text multiple ladies so you can find out exactly which one is the suitable one for your own like.

Don’t lose your self-esteem because of the way you look or the way you choose or clothes or the way all these wind up looking on you! Be calm, work-up your confidence and get going for a fascinating digital experience that can get you closer than you had ever imagined to that one woman of your dreams.

Still, there are some things you should note once you decide to start opening a conversation.

Keep in mind that regular conversation rules tend to remain unchanged even though you change the channel through which you talk to your romantic interest or even better, interests.

So you should probably try to avoid the lines that usually block conversations, rather than to open them up even more.

How to Text a Girl to Get Her to Like You More –

(i) Try to avoid sending any kind of silly question that the other person can reply to with a simple affirmative (Yes, Y, O.K.) or negative (No, I don’t.) answer.

The purpose of any conversation is to exchange ideas, thoughts, or even jokes. If you are interested about a certain person, especially your romantic interests, than you should do your best in getting their attention and trying to maintain a fruitful conversation both of you will enjoy.

The idea is to ask questions so you will get broad and eventually complex answers. Now what can you possibly do with a simple “Yes” or “No”. Trust me, it doesn’t help you at all!

(ii) Secondly, as much as you can achieve this, try not to send messages regarding every day activities, chores, work or any other type of question that, similar to the point underlined above, can be answered with the same kind of lines like those above, for example: “Fine”, “I’m okay.”, “Busy”, “Bored”, “So and so.”.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the idea is to be cautious and ask proper questions so your conversation partner will be interested in offering a more developed answer.

Thus, do your best and get away from questions such as:

“How’s your day?”

“Where are you?”

“Are you okay?”

“Are you at work?”

“How is it going?”

These types of messages do not attract the ladies in reaching out to you.

You should consider following one or even all of the three steps enlisted below, so your SMS can get a little bit more intriguing than your average lines:

Tip#1. Message her and let her know there is a big surprise waiting for her in her inbox.

You can consider telling her through one of your text messages that she should check her inbox in order for her to be surprised of the wonderful messages you have sent her.

This could involve kisses or whatever sweet e-Card you can find for her to know that you miss her and that you can’t wait for you and her to be together again.

Tip#2. Tell her why you have these feelings of love for her

Now we all know woman love to be told that you love them. This line is a really honest and sweet way of letting your romantic interests know that they hold a special place in your heart.

Why not explain her or them why you feel such emotions by further developing your thoughts, in such a way that they can understand why you have these feelings towards them.

Be sweet and make sure she will always remember your nice and honest way of letting her know about her special place in her heart by constantly reminding her of why you do, in fact, love her the way that you do.

You can start off by letting her know that you love her, and afterwards you can surprise for one, two or even more days with the following examples enlisted below:

a). You can get over my drawbacks and accept and care for me the way that I am.

b). I feel like myself every time we are together.

c). You really can get the better man out of me.

d). I’ve never felt the way I do the times when we’re together

e). It’s you I look up to on rainy days so I know I’ll feel better and motivated in everything I do.

f). This love of ours truly is one of my most happy and best accomplishments.

g). I’m such a better person every time I think about you, as you determine me to smile and be bright.

3. Express yourself using beautiful poetry that can make her understand why “he loves me”

The language of love is far better expressed through that literature creature that got the classics going in their time to shine. Of course, we are talking about poetry.

A lovely enchanting poem, or even better a sincere quote from one of your favorite one can do wonders.

In case you don’t have any particular favorites, or you’re just not into poetry, then don’t be upset. Here are a few examples of things you can express to that romantic interest you are pursuing for some time now:

a). Our souls can meet on our entangled lips

b). Everything. That is what you represent to me.

c). We should always be together, don’t you ever leave me alone.

d). Even though we’re long apart, don’t be afraid to follow your heart, who could ever knew love can happen between me and you

e). Sincere protective and always so true, that’s the way I want to dedicate y love to you.

f). How about a movie we can both enjoy?

g). I sure hope you mean things when you express your love to me.

h). I’d love it if you could make me feel much better when I’m in a rainy mood.

i). I sure will enjoy it if you would keep me close to your heart and in your arms when I am afraid of something bad, or maybe even the world.

j). You are my most sincere desire.

No matter how one would use the examples listed above, the main idea is to make your potential love interest feel something powerful, your devotion towards her entire spirit.

You should let them know what they are missing or even better, appreciate what they have.

Your success in attracting multiple love interests depends on your ability to make them feel okay when they are talking with you.

It is up to you to get them feel closer to you through what type of information you exchange with them.

But keep in mind, that it is very important for your romantic love interests to feel something powerful as this is probably the only way they will open up to you and let you know everything that you feel.

This is very important, because as stated above simple questions which usually get simpler answers tend to block conversations and you may wind up without something to talk about.

Try to listen to her or their feelings and most important let them know on what you feel for them.

This is a guarantee to your success! In case you’re concerned what to tell the ladies in order for you to get more of them, you should check here



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