Create Flirting Text Messages For Her

flirting text messages for herYou just have got the number of a cute girl and now you want to flirt with her over texts.

Actually, creating flirting text messages for her isn’t hard at all.

You just need to remember a few things.

Text flirting is a good way to build rapport and develop attraction.

In this article, I am about to reveal some basic strategies of text message flirting.

When you finish this article, you will be very comfortable about texting girls.

Create Flirting Text Messages For Her :

Tip #1. Use Simple And Short Messages –

The basic of flirting is to tease the person and make her laugh. This is also true when you are trying to flirt with her over texts.

Therefore, if you send long messages, it will be a bit confusing for her. You need to tease her with simple one or two sentenced texts, and then wait for her reply.

Tip #2. The first text should be strategic –

In Magnetic Messaging, my friend Bobby says that the first text is like a cake and follow-up texts are like the icing of cake.

The first text is very important because the whole conversation is based on it. If you don’t have a cake then you won’t need of icing. Make sense!

So, how can you make your first text strategic?

My friend Bobby says that the first text should deliver something unique about you and her. If she gave her number to you then you really did something unique that made her to give you her number.

Considering that you need to create a text which amplify that scenario (emotion) again (See more details on Magnetic Messaging).

If you do it correctly, you will definitely have a long flirting conversation with her over texts.

Tip #3. Don’t be Easer to Response Her Quickly –

Most men make a common mistake that they respond quickly when they get a text from a girl. Actually, it depict that you have no other important things to do than texting her. This is a big turn off for most women, however they actually don’t know it.

You may quickly response a girl if the conversation is already going on over texts. But if it is her first text then you should wait for a least three to five minutes to reply her back.

You can decrease this time only if she sends you another text.

Make her to wait a little more for your text. It will make her think more about you. And the more she thinks about you, the more eager she will become to fall for you.

Tip #4. Send Teasing Texts Instead Of Begging Texts –

Flirting is all about teasing a girl in a playful manner with full confidence. And the main need of flirting is to build sexual attraction.

So, you can’t do so by sending begging texts like below.

“You are so beautiful…I wanna talk to you”


“Please reply me back. What’s the need to give me your number if you don’t want to text to me?”

If you want to flirt with her then you need to tease her and make her laugh. See the below examples.


“Which toothpaste do you use? I want to make my teeth shining like yours.”

“Do you like to play hard-to-get with a hot guy :P”

You can make similar texts considering that girl.

Tip #5. Start Dirty Talk After a While –

You might already heard about the friend zone. Most men fall in this category and they never get themselves out from it.

From a woman’s point of view, a friend is someone who helps her and make her laugh but she would not like to have sex with him.

On the other hand, a lover is someone who makes her excited about sex and make her think to have sex with him.

If you want a love relationship with a girl but you are unable to make her think about you sexually, then probably you will find yourself in the ‘friend zone’.

You might think what this has to do with text message flirting. Well, the conclusion of all this is that you need to make her think about you sexually if you want a love relationship with her. To do so, you need to learn how to talk sexual things over texts.

If she is the other girl on the road then you can skip this step. And just use other tips mentioned in this article.

Want more tips on flirting text messages for her? My friend Bobby Rio is really doing an excellent job in his Magnetic Messaging course. You must check it out at once. At least watch his free video presentation.

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5 thoughts on “Create Flirting Text Messages For Her

  1. Shyamol

    I have decided to stick with love because where is no love there is nothing to happen. Its means just dryness of heart. I want o make love with purely heart because sometimes the heat sees what the invisible to eyes. So all thing deals with love such as happiness, sorrow, pain, feeling,emotion etc. In fine love is above all to men’s life.

  2. Enciknohara

    In regards of Tips #4, teasing texts may sometimes goes awry when it depicts cheesy/corny attributes – unless you are still a high school student that is. Come up with a line that looks natural rather than moon-and-stars depictions. Lines like “you are the most beautiful woman I’ve met” doesn’t fair well with newly acquainted woman. It reeks with desperation. Something like “don’t stare me in the eyes since it left me blinded with your beauty” is a better alternative. It sure brings smile to her face reading your text.

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      I appreciate your comment. In the tip number 4, I just gave examples and one can creates his own texts considering his own unique situation. Sometimes, even a 5th grade role playing-game works if you have built initial rapport with her.

  3. Raechelle

    If I am texting her for the first time, then how can I start talking about sex over text? I enjoyed reading this post, but I am a little confused about tip no. 5. Can you explain it more?


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