Girl Doesn’t Text Back – Here Is What You Need To Do

girl doesn't text backSo, a girl doesn’t text you back and this is making you feel wired, isn’t it?

In this post, I am about to give you some sure fire pre-written texts that you can use when a girl doesn’t text back.

Rest assured that these texts will work because they have been tested many times.

Now let me talk about a big and common reason why a girl doesn’t text back when you texted her is that you were a bad texter.

You might not have fully utilized the opportunity you had by sending her average or bad texts.

Why is a girl not texting back –

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid while texting her for the first time (also these might be the mistakes you made which made her not to text you back). So, pay attention here:

#1. Bad teasing –

If you don’t know much about her then you should be a little cautious while you are trying to tease her to make her laugh. It might make her offend if you do it the wrong way.

#2. Putting her on a pedestal –

Putting her on a pedestal in your initial text might be a complete turn off for her (this might make her to think that you don’t value yourself and you are a beta male).

#3. Too much praising –

If you text her like ‘hey beautiful’ ‘hey beautiful’ ‘hey beautiful’ then actually you are saying her, “I didn’t even talk to a woman before you, and I am a complete loser. Please respond me, please respond me, and please respond me!!”

#4. Too much bragging –

A little bit bragging about yourself is good in your first text. However, bragging too much can make her turned off.

Don’t send a text to a woman like, “I am busy because I am the most important employee of our company? I don’t have time to talk or text to my friends, but I am texting you because I find something different in you.”

#5. Nervous texts –

If you are too serious about her then you might not text her. Texting is just a game, and you should prepare for both win and loss.

However, if you follow my tips, the chances of loss will be minimal. If your texts convey a message that you are desperate for a response from her, then probably she might not respond you.

#6. Don’t Texting the RADAR Text –

The 6th and the biggest mistake you do while trying to start a text conversation with a girl is not crafting a RADAR text. If you don’t start with a RADAR text, then the chances to date her will not be that much.

So, what should you do when you sent her a bad text and she is not texting you back?

First, you should not always assume that she doesn’t like you if she doesn’t response. She might not read your text, she might leave her phone on home or she might be busy at work.

So the first tip I want to give you is that you should wait at least 24 hours to make sure that she didn’t response because she ignored you.

It often happens that a girl flirt with you so much when you mat her at bar or party, she gives her number but when you text her, she ignores your text as though she didn’t even know you.

After 24 hours if she doesn’t text you back, then you should send her another RADAR text. Don’t know what a RADAR text is? Actually, a RADAR text is a text which is crafted to get the attention of a woman. Each RADAR text is unique for each woman (See more about radar text in Magnetic Messaging).

If she doesn’t respond you again then it’s time to do something else. Below is what I texted to a girl who didn’t respond me.

“So, you are trying hard to get. Let me know how long should I wait for your text to appear cool and to qualify for your test?”

You can use the same text template for her. If she doesn’t response, then use curiosity text to make her curious about you and what you say. See below example text:

“Linda was talking s***t about you, but I didn’t believe in her.”

It will defiantly make her to think about who Linda is and what bad thing she said about her because this text is made to trigger her curiosity.

If she respond you, then that’s fine. However, you shouldn’t send further texts until you know the complete strategy of Magnetic Messaging, or else you might mess things up.

How to Respond The Negative ‘Who is this?’ Text ( The SECRET) –

Sometimes guys ask me what should they reply if girls replied the curiosity text with a negative tone like,

“Who is this :/ ?”

In this case, you should not take it too seriously. It rarely happens, however I have also a good solution for this text. See below I what I text a girl who texted me above text:

Her: “Who is this?”

Me: “God for haven…How many smart guys named starts with the letter ‘A’ and ends with the latter ‘x’ you know?”

She easily guessed that this was Alex, and we had a fun conversation thereafter.

You should always add fun in your text. This is the only way to make a girl respond to your text and to make her like you.

Want more texting ideas Magnetic Messaging to text a girl? Why not watch its Free Video on the next page?

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About Alex J. Stevenson
Alex J. Stevenson is not a kind of dating expert who bangs a woman one night and runs after another one next morning. Instead, he is a fun-loving guy who has been reading dating and psychology books since last 6 years. If you tired of none working PUAs bullshit, you're welcome to his website.

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12 thoughts on “Girl Doesn’t Text Back – Here Is What You Need To Do

  1. Anupam

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing info in a fun way here.

    I’ll let you know my whole story:

    1) I meet a girl for marriage in Mar 2014 by our parents. We had very good discussion around 1 hour in a restaurant. We had a cold coffee over there.

    2) We had shared our number and we used to had a good chat, call around 15 days and all was fine from my and her side. Suddenly she got disconnected in April 2014. I had smsed her after 15 days but she didn’t respond.

    3) After that I had taken a gap of 1 month and I had smsed her but she didn’t respond. After that I had sent her sketch to her place (we are in different place. I’m in New Delhi (INDIA) and she is in Hyderabad (INDIA)). She didn’t take her sketch.

    4) On Aug 03, 2014 (Friendship Day), I sent her sketch as an image on whatsapp with Happy Friendship day sms but she didn’t respond

    5) On Aug 08, 2014, I had smsed her for her care etc but she didn’t respond

    6) On Aug 15, 2014(Happy Independence Day), I had smsed her for the same but she didn’t respond

    7) On Aug 17, 2014 (Jhanmasthami Festival), I had smsed her for the same but she didn’t respond

    I am sending sms to her on whatsapp and everytime I noticed one thing that she came online to read my message.

    I loved her a lot and want to marry her. I believe the way will go through you J.

    What is RADAR Text here?

    She likes foods, listening to music, films and explorering new places.

    I am confused what to send so that she respond my message. Please suggest me what to send.

    I was going through the link which you had shared and lots of link around the page and gone through the video.

    Please suggest the messages to me so that I can send it.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      Hi Anupam,

      I am not going to be offinsive but I’d like to ask you one question.

      Do you really like to marry a girl who disrespect you all the time?

      Pay three minutes to think about it, please.

      My second question to you is did you try to call her if she didn’t response any of your texts?

      If not, then call her to find out whether this number is a real number or a fake one or a number of someone else.

      If you find that this is her real number then tell her that you liked her text very much, that’s the reason you called her.

      Most likely, she will ask what she has texted you (because she knew that she didn’t text you any text).

      Now, doing so will turn the table on. She will curious to know about the text she didn’t text.

      And then you need to play it cool and take the actions as described in Magnetic Messaging ebook (This book is around 200 pages long, so I might not be able to help you in a comment better than this book can do so).

      Anupam, you have been making huge mistakes by texting her desperate texts till now. Therefore, your chances to win her affection is low.

      It’s time to start taking the right actions by knowing what the right action is.

      All the best Anupam,

      Hope, this will help you.


  2. Anupam

    Hi Alex,

    I went through your comment.

    She has the same number. I have verified the same.

    Initially I have sent the desperate texts. This was my mistake as I was not aware of such things.

    After that I have sent mostly festival and celebrations sms to her and family and have taken care not to write desperate texts.

    Can you please share the Magnetic Messaging ebook as a PDF on my email id?

    Alex first we need to make sure that we will win.

    As of now I’m not planning to call her. I want to give her time from my texts.

    Can you please give me one googly message ( I already told you her nature) so that she respond to me?

    I’ll never loose hope and will win definitely by your guidance.


    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      “Can you please share the Magnetic Messaging ebook as a PDF on my email id?”

      Why should I do so dude!!!

      If you want free content, then brows my blog You’ll get lots of useful articles for free.

      I’ve also provided free consultancy to you by replying to your comments (doing so has taken more than 20 minutes).

      If you want more, then you need to pay for it. You’ve already wasted more than 3 months on searching guidance here and there.

      Now spend another three-months on searching free guidance on the internet. And when you’ll have least possibility to get her respond your texts, come back to me for my services.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog.


    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      Hi Ajit,

      Thanks for your kind words about me and my content. I highly appreciate that you are reading my content :-).

  3. Jose

    Hi Alex,

    I´m from Mexico (and live there), please answer my situation. Please!

    So I met this girl on May 23rd on a party, asked her to dance and at the end got her number. We texted through the week, she answered quickly. On May 30, we went to a nightclub together with some friends of hers and mine.

    We held hands almost all night and danced very closely. When I dropped her off at her place (she drank, and a bit drunk, but not wasted) we hugged for like 15 minutes talking, then we made out lightly, and kissed her goodbye.

    On the next day, Sunday, she offered to pick me up to go to the movies, so we went. It was a bit neutral, maybe because we didn´t know what to do since things moved pretty fast the night before.

    I held her hand as we walked out of the movies. Now, since Tuesday she takes forever to reply and sometimes she just sees the message and does not answer.

    We have fairly good conversations, but then she says things like “hey I´ll text you when I´m done doing…” and she never does, she is online by the way.

    Anyways, I was planning on asking her to go bowling with me and giving her some roses (which I´ll hide until I take her home).

    My questions are, do you think I should give her some space? Is going bowling a good idea? Has she lost interest? Most important of all, am I being paranoid?

    Please, please respond Alex…. :(

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      Hi Jose,

      Thanks for your response.

      Glad to hear your story. I suggest you that you should not be paranoid. If she didn’t respond while she had been online for a long time, then there is something you should be a little worry.

      Considering some other facts in your story, it seems that she still wants to keep the relationship with her EX. I’m not sure, but you should verify this.

      If you find that she is not struggling with her Ex, then take the advantage of Magnetic Messaging. Most of your problems will be solved then :-).

      Let me know what happens next :-).

  4. Ravi

    Hi Alex
    Okay the situation is like, we were friends some times ago, we had a good conversation. But suddenly she was kind of upset with me, and was not willing to talk, even I asked her times and often that what is the reason she didn’t reply me.
    We didn’t talk for months and, some two weeks ago I tried to talk and she replied!!! But again she has started not to reply me, but everytime she just looks my texts and does not respond.
    And the thing is I like her and, want to go on a long relationship with her, do you have some advice for me???
    And lately I sent her some despo messages!!! Please advice me!!!

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      Whenever a guy appears weak in front of a girl, he always kill whatsoever attraction she has for him. You had already made this mistake. Second if you try to become her text buddy, then you will remain her text buddy for years. And she will date with someone else and consider you as a friend.

      That’s why the only reason to text to a girl is to ignite attraction. Texting is not about begging and pleading her that she should like you :-).

      Considering your comment it seems that she has already a boyfriend. But who knows? Take the Magnetic Messaging system and try your luck. This is the best advice I have for you.


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