How to Start a Conversation With a Girl Over Text

how to start a conversation with a girl over textSo, you just got a number of a girl, and now you want to start a conversation with her over text. But the problem is you don’t know how?

In this post I will teach you how to start a conversation with a girl over text.

The curiosity text

In Magnetic Messaging book you will learn that starting with a curiosity text is one of the best ways to start a text conversation with a girl.

Curiosity text is something that makes her curious about something related to you.

Without making you more curious, I want you to send below text to her.

You: “I am unable to stop thinking about…”

Curiosity text is all about not telling something, and the other person will become eager to know the thing you didn’t say.

Before I tell you how to start a conversation with a girl through text, you must understand how important curiosity is in a text conversation.

An important lesson from Arabian nights

So, how important the curiosity is to start a text conversation? Let me tell you a story about Arabian nights.

A long while ago, there was a king (I really don’t remember his name) in Middle East. In his early age he came across with some unfaithful women. He and his brother were manipulated by some of those women. He misinterpreted this life experience and he assumed that no women were trustworthy on this earth.

When he became king of his state, he started marring and killing women. Every day, he got married  with a different woman, he spent night with her, and the next morning he killed her so that their wives could not cheat on him.

This happened for a long time until the king got married with a wise woman who knew how to use curiosity to make people do the things they want.

When the king got married with her, the first night she told a story. She told the story whole night. And she end the story with a cliffhanger in the next morning.

The king was curious to know about what would happen next in the story. So, the first morning he didn’t give the order to kill the queen.

Next night, that wise lady did the same thing again. She started continuing the story the whole night and end it with a cliffhanger in the morning.

Again, the king was curious to know what would happen next. So, he refused to give the order to kill her that morning, too.

Next night, the queen did the same thing. And all these things happened for more than 1000 nights until the king had children with that queen. And finally, queen made the king believed that she was faithful, she didn’t cheat on him. And if a few women were unfaithful then it didn’t mean that all women were unfaithful.

Moral of the story:

If the queen saved her life for more than one thousand days by making the king curious about the story, then it is quite possible to make a girl believe that you are her potential boyfriend by using Curiosity Texts.

Now back to the text you send her (which is “I am unable to stop thinking about…”)

In almost all cases, the girl will respond you by asking “about what?”

If she doesn’t respond you, then probably she doesn’t know how to use a smartphone or probably she really hates you.

Anyway, when she replies your text, then see below to know how should you respond.

You: “I am unable to stop thinking about…”

Her: “About what?”

You: “How beautiful you are!”


“How caring you are!”


“How energetic you are!”


“How rosy your cheeks are!”

And so on.

You can make similar texts as above while considering her. Don’t tell lies just to give her a compliment. It is advised that the opening texts should be a humorous compliment instead of flattery one.

So, how did you start a conversation with a girl?

Step 1. You pressed her curiosity button and made her curious about your text.

Step 2. You got her to reply you.

Step 3. You gave her a real and true compliment instead of a flattery one. And now the conversation is going on and you can take it to the next level.

In Magnetic Messaging, there are plenty of curiosity texts that you can use to start a text conversation with any girl who gave her number to you. You will also learn how to handle the conversation and get her to date with you.

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7 thoughts on “How to Start a Conversation With a Girl Over Text

  1. Elijah

    Should I text her first or wait for her to text me?

    Hi Alex,

    I enjoyed a great conversation with a girl named Anna. We left each other around 11 pm. Thereafter, I come back home but my sleep was gone. Next day I want text her but didn’t want to annoy her. Today is the 3rd day. Should I text her or wait for her response? I want to make a good impression on her!!!!!!

  2. Brandon

    There is a girl whom I like. However, I haven’t told it to her. Yet, I believe that she knows that I like her. I also believe that she likes me because there is no reasons why she doesn’t like me. Well, should I text her a good morning text? Does it seem wired? I am afraid what will happen if I text her and she doesn’t awake. What should I add in my text to make it different from the other guys?

  3. Bryce

    Hey Alex,

    Please answer me.

    There is a girl whom I am interested in. I don’t know but I want to start a text conversation with. I already knew that the text like ‘what’s going on baby?’ doesn’t work. So what should be the best text to start a text conversation with her?

    I don’t want to appear too strong and say her ‘Hey cutie’ or something similar.

  4. Assan mbowe

    I see a girl whom I love so much and we are in the same office and I feel shy to tell her that I that I want you to be my sister. And she accepted it but deep in my heart I love her not to be my sister but my lover. Now how would I start?

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      Sorry Assan,

      But I am not a kind of guy who teaches men how to manipulate women. If she accepted your friendship because she considered you as a brother, then in opinion it’s not good to break her faith and manipulate her to have sex with you.

      You may find any other girl out there. This planet is full of plenty of potential partners.

      Lastly, thanks for commenting on my blog. Hope you will not consider this response as an offense.



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