How to Talk Dirty to a Girl over Text – Examples

How to talk dirty to a girl over textSending a text message to a girl can help a guy to succeed in taking her out on a date.

Text messages are private, inexpensive and easy to send to girl once you have their numbers.

If you wish to land her in bed, you should learn how to talk dirty to a girl over text.

Be cautious when you are attracted to a particular girl and use short cute messages that will floor her and have her responding eagerly to your messages.

Be positive and build up momentum with the text messages  –

The first step when you meet someone of your dreams is to exchange phone numbers with her.

She needs to connect later so recall the incident or time and place when you met and give her a pet name that is cute. You can call her “sexy”, “cutie” or “honey”.

Do not waste too much time once you have met her or she may forget you.  You can tell her that she was occupying your thoughts and ask her what she was doing at that particular time.

She may respond that she was in the shower and you can quickly tell her that you were thinking about her in the shower.

Sexy humorous text messages – 

Do not pursue this line but move on to other topics through your text messages. Her replies will indicate if she wants to play along with you.

If you feel she is getting aroused, ask her what she is wearing. Reply quickly when she answers to keep the adrenal flowing.

If you find out that she is alone, you can ask her if she needed to be warm in bed.

Use subtle dirty text messages to let her know that you could do wonders if she lying next to you.Tell her that you were feeling too hot and needed to take a shower!

If the girl shows no interest and refrains from replying favorably, do not push the issue. Move on to other more comfortable topics.

Compliment and flatter her and let her know that you wish to see her soon – 

Her answers will indicate her state of mind and if she lets you know that she is attracted, fix a time and place to meet.

Be intuitive and cautious when sending dirty text messages

Use intuition to initial the dirty talk.  Tell her that you feel a vibe from her that has sexual intent. Ask her if you are right and if she answers in the affirmative, flirt with her.

Playfully tease her and call her “naughty”, “sexy” and a little “minx”. Be subtle and not overbearing.

She should look forward to receiving your texts and feel excited about replying to your questions. Tell her that she tops your “to-do” list.

A common mistake that most guys make is using symbols and abbreviations. This lacks finesse.

Sexual innuendos are fun if you play safe. For example if she texts you about completing a hard job, you can playfully text her back “Hard, how hard ;)?”

These types of variations are fun when you are interested in indulging in sex play with the girl of your dreams.

If she reciprocates you can send her some more text messages fantasizing your meeting with her. Do not pursue this line if she does not respond with interest.

Send text messages at convenient times. Learn how to talk dirty to a girl over text. She will be put off if she is awoken from her sleep.

The best time to send messages is probably after dinner and when she is getting ready to sleep at night. Keep up the momentum to keep the ball rolling. Make your moments with her special.

Want more tips?

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      When you learn how to flirt with a girl over text on the best text messaging guide Magnetic Messaging, you will learn that one should not text a girl in the hope of a response.

      If you are tying a text in a hope of a good response from her, then you are a bad texter. You should not secretly want a response while texting a girl, or else you won’t be able to flirt with her.


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