How to Text a Girl to Get Her to Like You More

how to text a girl to get her to like youTexting or how some would call it, text messaging, is one of the fastest and most attractive ways of communication introduced by GSM mobile phones. Why? The answer is simple.

Because it binds people from all over the world.

And it has the amazing ability to get us closer although most often we are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

Men can also pursue this means of communication in order to get more attention or even actually sweep their romantic interest off their feet! Now searching for that special someone doesn’t have to be orientated towards only a single person.

Rip the benefits of not seeing your talking woman companion and even text multiple ladies so you can find out exactly which one is the suitable one for your own like.

Don’t lose your self-esteem because of the way you look or the way you choose or clothes or the way all these wind up looking on you! Be calm, work-up your confidence and get going for a fascinating digital experience that can get you closer than you had ever imagined to that one woman of your dreams.

Still, there are some things you should note once you decide to start opening a conversation.

Keep in mind that regular conversation rules tend to remain unchanged even though you change the channel through which you talk to your romantic interest or even better, interests.

So you should probably try to avoid the lines that usually block conversations, rather than to open them up even more.

How to Text a Girl to Get Her to Like You More –

(i) Try to avoid sending any kind of silly question that the other person can reply to with a simple affirmative (Yes, Y, O.K.) or negative (No, I don’t.) answer.

The purpose of any conversation is to exchange ideas, thoughts, or even jokes. If you are interested about a certain person, especially your romantic interests, than you should do your best in getting their attention and trying to maintain a fruitful conversation both of you will enjoy.

The idea is to ask questions so you will get broad and eventually complex answers. Now what can you possibly do with a simple “Yes” or “No”. Trust me, it doesn’t help you at all!

(ii) Secondly, as much as you can achieve this, try not to send messages regarding every day activities, chores, work or any other type of question that, similar to the point underlined above, can be answered with the same kind of lines like those above, for example: “Fine”, “I’m okay.”, “Busy”, “Bored”, “So and so.”.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the idea is to be cautious and ask proper questions so your conversation partner will be interested in offering a more developed answer.

Thus, do your best and get away from questions such as:

“How’s your day?”

“Where are you?”

“Are you okay?”

“Are you at work?”

“How is it going?”

These types of messages do not attract the ladies in reaching out to you.

You should consider following one or even all of the three steps enlisted below, so your SMS can get a little bit more intriguing than your average lines:

Tip#1. Message her and let her know there is a big surprise waiting for her in her inbox.

You can consider telling her through one of your text messages that she should check her inbox in order for her to be surprised of the wonderful messages you have sent her.

This could involve kisses or whatever sweet e-Card you can find for her to know that you miss her and that you can’t wait for you and her to be together again.

Tip#2. Tell her why you have these feelings of love for her

Now we all know woman love to be told that you love them. This line is a really honest and sweet way of letting your romantic interests know that they hold a special place in your heart.

Why not explain her or them why you feel such emotions by further developing your thoughts, in such a way that they can understand why you have these feelings towards them.

Be sweet and make sure she will always remember your nice and honest way of letting her know about her special place in her heart by constantly reminding her of why you do, in fact, love her the way that you do.

You can start off by letting her know that you love her, and afterwards you can surprise for one, two or even more days with the following examples enlisted below:

a). You can get over my drawbacks and accept and care for me the way that I am.

b). I feel like myself every time we are together.

c). You really can get the better man out of me.

d). I’ve never felt the way I do the times when we’re together

e). It’s you I look up to on rainy days so I know I’ll feel better and motivated in everything I do.

f). This love of ours truly is one of my most happy and best accomplishments.

g). I’m such a better person every time I think about you, as you determine me to smile and be bright.

3. Express yourself using beautiful poetry that can make her understand why “he loves me”

The language of love is far better expressed through that literature creature that got the classics going in their time to shine. Of course, we are talking about poetry.

A lovely enchanting poem, or even better a sincere quote from one of your favorite one can do wonders.

In case you don’t have any particular favorites, or you’re just not into poetry, then don’t be upset. Here are a few examples of things you can express to that romantic interest you are pursuing for some time now:

a). Our souls can meet on our entangled lips

b). Everything. That is what you represent to me.

c). We should always be together, don’t you ever leave me alone.

d). Even though we’re long apart, don’t be afraid to follow your heart, who could ever knew love can happen between me and you

e). Sincere protective and always so true, that’s the way I want to dedicate y love to you.

f). How about a movie we can both enjoy?

g). I sure hope you mean things when you express your love to me.

h). I’d love it if you could make me feel much better when I’m in a rainy mood.

i). I sure will enjoy it if you would keep me close to your heart and in your arms when I am afraid of something bad, or maybe even the world.

j). You are my most sincere desire.

No matter how one would use the examples listed above, the main idea is to make your potential love interest feel something powerful, your devotion towards her entire spirit.

You should let them know what they are missing or even better, appreciate what they have.

Your success in attracting multiple love interests depends on your ability to make them feel okay when they are talking with you.

It is up to you to get them feel closer to you through what type of information you exchange with them.

But keep in mind, that it is very important for your romantic love interests to feel something powerful as this is probably the only way they will open up to you and let you know everything that you feel.

This is very important, because as stated above simple questions which usually get simpler answers tend to block conversations and you may wind up without something to talk about.

Try to listen to her or their feelings and most important let them know on what you feel for them.

This is a guarantee to your success! In case you’re concerned what to tell the ladies in order for you to get more of them, you should check here



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