Rules for Texting a Girl

rules for texting a girlMany of us enjoy using the option of texting messages especially when we are interested in someone and are unsure of their response.

Texting messages to friends are a great way of keeping in touch and since the messages are instantly received, many plans can be made and meetings organized. Are there any rules for texting a girl?

While there are no rules per se, there are many ploys to use to come out a winner when sending interesting text messages to a girl.

There are some things that you should avoid doing when texting a girl.

  1. Stop pestering her with too many texts
  2. Try to send her text messages at a reasonable hour of the day
  3. Girls are not impressed with silly jokes, excessive shortcuts and wrong grammar
  4. Emoticons are fun when used aptly

How to get a girl to respond to your text messages

It is a good idea to keep the ball rolling by making light interesting conversation. Keep it short but tell her about a funny incident you noticed or something pretty that made you think of her.

Do not get personal but flirt, tease or cajole as girls enjoy the adulation.

The girl you are texting may be receiving messages from other guys too. It is therefore in your best interests not to stick to rules for texting a girl.

Your text messages should lead to a date and the time spent in the interim should ensure that you keep the interest alive.

All of us lead busy lives and taking time off to show someone you care is always appreciated.

Women can be seen reading their text messages or enjoying something on their phones when commuting in a train or bus.

They look forward to messages especially if it helps lighten their day or make them feel on top of the world (See more What to text a girl you like).

Texting messages are not high-investment and the chances of receiving responses are higher than when you call them on the phone.

Do not respond immediately when she texts, and send her short messages when she does. She will wonder at your brief responses but her interest in you will arouse.

Let her realize that you are leading a busy life and not hanging on to your phone in the hope of getting text messages.

A good tip is to avoid asking a girl a question through text messages. It is a better idea to make a statement and she will enjoy the provocation.

For instance, you can say:

“Your silence convinces me you are up to no good!”

You can also tell her you had a very tiring day and she will want to know more (See more First text message to a girl).

Once you get the green signal that she is interested in you, you can slowly progress to the next step which is setting up a date.

You know you are on the right track when she…

  1. Sends you a paragraph instead of one-liners to let you know how her day went. This is the time for you to answer with a brief “ha” or “k”.
  2. If she sends you a message asking you what you are doing, take an hour or two to reply. This will pique her no end and she will start imagining many things – many of her thoughts may be focused on wondering if she is losing you.
  3. When you do reply, send her an answer that indicates you are busy – involved with a hobby or helping someone out.

While there are no rules for texting a girl, these tips will give you a head start into getting a girl sufficiently interested in going out for a date to get to know more about you.

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