Should a Guy Text a Girl First – The Right Answer You Won’t Find Elsewhere?

Should a guy text a girl first? Off course, he should. Here I will explain how to do so.

In my previous article, why don’t girls text first, I said that they don’t text first because they are afraid being considered as low value girls.

In this post, I will show you why a guy should text a girl first, and how to do it correctly.

First off, girls unconsciously believe that they should be chased by their potential mates, instead of chasing them.

Therefore, if you are waiting for her first text, then you would have been waiting for weeks.

Moreover, if someone texts her the right text message to ignite emotions in her heart at this time, you might lose her forever.

So, if you like her but you are afraid of texting her then you might be at risk of losing her forever for someone else.

I think it may have been cleared to you that a guy should text a girl first.

But the biggest question is, what should a guy text to a girl for the first time?

If you are new to this blog, just check out my previous post Texting a girl for the first time and you will have a good understanding of where and how to start.

Start with a Joke –

It is my all time favorite way to text anyone – not only girls.

When you start with a joke, you will be just playing it cool and in a light-hearted way.

You are not asking for her response and you will not be begging her to respond you back. This is an important key when a guy texts a girl for the first time.

By doing so, you will become different from the other guys who have her number, too.

So, how to start with a joke –

The rule of thumb is you should not text her any general joke. You should craft your own joke which tells something about your personality and something about hers.

This is how to make connection with her in your first text.

Now see the example of Jaden and how he texted his girlfriend.

Jaden learnt Martial art, and he got her number when she came to the martial art class for the first time.

They both flirted a little bit and finely they exchanged their numbers.

The same day, Jaden texted below text:

“You don’t need to learn martial art because I am with you…

…hahaha…I was just kidding.”


See another example of Ethan.

Ethan got the number of this girl when he took his dog for a morning walk.

Here is the Ethan’s text:

“My dog Brodie wants to date Chani (her bitch). It has been telling me this all day.”

Here is the girl’s response.

Her: “So, your dog talks. It is an amazing dog!”

Him: “No, it doesn’t. But I understand the languages of animals. I also know what your ‘Chani’ thinks.

Her: “What it thinks?”

Him: “It doesn’t matter. The only thing that is matter to me is that what its owner thinks.”

Thereafter, they talked for hours. After three days, Ethan took this girl out for a date.

So, this is how to text a girl first, and utilize the opportunity you have when you got her number.

Want more tips?

Use these three texts to turn a girl on and take her out on a date. Click here!



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