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How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text – Text Message Examples

how to ask a girl out over textSo, you have built initial rapport with a girl. You have already texted her so many times and now you want to ask her out over text.

In this post, I will teach you how to ask a girl out over text.

But before doing so, I would ask you to check below post to get better understanding of text messaging:

Now back to the how to ask a girl out over text. Read the following tips.

Tip #1. Make her laugh –

It is always easier to make people to do the things you want when they are happy with you. This is also true when it comes to dating women. Send texts to make her laugh (see more things to text a girl to make her smile), and it will be much easier for you to ask her out through texts.

Tip #2. Make her believe that she will have fun with you –

Once you make her laugh through your text message, you need to handle her response and make her laugh more. In Magnetic Messaging Report, there are so many ways that you can use to keep the conversation going on.

Actually, you need to make her believe that she will have fun with you if she hangs out with you. The best way to do so is to flirt with her on text. Convince her unconscious mind that you are a fun loving guy.

Tip #3. Ask her out –

Most guys ask me “Is it ok or bad to ask a girl out over text?”. My response is always simple.

It is ok only if you do it the right way. And if you don’t know the right way to ask her out then you might not ask her because you may feel awkward if she doesn’t response your text.

So what is the right way to text her asking her out?

The moment you find her sending texts like “Hahaha…” or the moment you feel that she is laughing aloud at your texts, then that is the moment to ask her out in a fun way. See the below example.

Her: “Hahaha… (she might say something funny)…”

You: “Do you know the best way to________________ (mention whatever funny thing she said) is to Hang Out with a guy named_______ (put your name here) at ______ (write the place where you want to date her).

Remember that you don’t need to give the power to her and ask her where she would like to meet with you. It’s you who will set the time and place to for the date.

Women are very subtle to sense assertiveness, decisiveness and the power.

This is the reason why begging texts like “I want to meet with you, where do you want to meet with me?” or “Are you free? When do you want to meet with me?” don’t work.

What to text a girl if she refuses you to go out with you?

In the Magnetic Messaging course, you will be taught how to deal with flakes and refuses of a woman without feeling bad and convince her to hang out with you.

Here is a very simple tip of Magnetic Messaging to deal with refuses (See more here).

Ok, if you send the previous text in the right moment, there will be more than 70 percent chances that she would agree for a date.

Thereafter, you should instantly suggest her the time for the date. Suggest the time considering her college/office time.

Don’t pressurize her to meet you the next day. It is always good to ask her for the date the day after tomorrow.

Suppose that you texted and asked her out on Tuesday, then you should set up the date on Thursday evening.

Now, what to text if she makes excuses?

If you texted above text described in Tip#3 and she refused your offer by make excuses like she has too much work load then see the below texts to send her.

Her: “Sorry to say, but I have too much work load to go out with you.”

You: “Do you know the best way to deal with burn outs is an energetic evening with a guy name (put your name here).”

She might make another excuse, and you need to make similar text like above and play it cool.

If she refuses again, then see the Magnetic Messaging course where you will get the full description of this texting game. Asking a girl out over text will be a fun for you.

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