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Dirty Texts to Send to a Girl – Sexting Examples

You have just met the most attractive girl and you cannot seem to get her off your mind. She may have given you her number last night but then you saw you giving her number to other guys as well.

You are not the only one she will receive messages from and therefore you should try and make sure that she does not get turned off with your messages.

Even if the girl you are interested in is dating someone else you can win her over when you learn how to talk dirty to girls over text messages.

She may respond initially with icy cold text messages but if you wish to pursue, tread carefully and send her messages that work like magnets to keep her getting hooked to reading and responding to your texts.

You will know it works when she starts sending you warmer texts.

Learn to be discreet when you wish to make her fall for you.

With just a few conversations, you should have her responding and you can then start flirting with her.

Select the right time to send her messages as she will not respond when she is at work or during the day when there are many chores to be completed.

The best time would be in the evenings though you should not let her know you are at home waiting to get a life!

Send her a few sexy text messages and you will be able to gauge her reactions.

When you are lying in bed at night, you could send her a message asking her if she is alone. She will respond for sure if no one else is with her.

You could let her know in your message that you would like to be with her at that moment and see if she replies in the positive way. Here are a few dirty texts to send to a girl (sexting examples).

Dirty Texts to Send to a Girl –

Start your text messages with a casual question like this:

“What are you up to at this moment?”

If she is bored or alone she may respond by giving you an honest answer which is an encouragement for you to pursue the texting.

Ask her if she likes to cuddle when lying in bed and wait for her response.


“If someone sleeps behind me, I always like to cuddle him. What about you?”

You can then tell her you would like to imagine her in bed, and surprise her with this text:

“What are you wearing?”

If she feels an emotional stirring and wishes to lead you on she will be very specific at this point.

She may let you know the color of her lingerie or better still send you a picture of herself in bed.

Remember that her responses may also not carry much weight as she is only passing time and has someone else on her mind.

One good way of finding out if she likes your dirty text messages is to provoke her into texting dirty.

Ask her if she has watched someone else performing sex either on television or in person.

“Just curious to know whether you’ve watched porn :-)”

Let her give you some details and you will find it easier to communicate more freely with her on the topic of sex.

From her responses you should be able to figure out if she will have sex with you when you are alone with her.

You can now ask her naughty questions such as:

“When you look at a nude picture of a guy, where do your eyes travel?”

You will be satisfied when she responds with an honest answer that signifies that she is interested in you.

Want more tips to text a girl you like?

Use prewritten text messages of this guide.

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