Texting Games to Play With a Girl

Roses, chocolates and scented letter to pursue the opposite sex are gone and considered old-fashioned. Today’s courting practice is all about texting, it’s a texting game you can play with a girl.

So if you’re texting game is outdated and not successful it’s time to shape up and gainful as others, start tapping your keypad till dusk.

Texting has become world’s primary means of communication for business and social functions to organize time and place of events.

But basically texting is now using to chitchat, to mock and flirt – now very important tool to any kind of passionate relationship.

So here are some rules you should keep in your mind while you are texting a girl. Without following these, you might mess up your texting games. :-)

Women and girls love to laugh

Women laugh out loud if there’s something funny to laugh at. Women love a man who makes them laugh. When Marilyn Monroe chanted “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything” this is true to us women.  Along the way it was discovered that women are born to appreciate humor naturally while men are likewise involuntary to produce humor.  Thus if men can make his girl laugh or giggle with his flirty texting game, he is now making the girl fall for him and ready to do everything he desires.

Start texting it light.

When you’re still on the stage of going to know each other, it’s good to start your texting game with light and simple fun words. Even when you’re apart those simple text messages can make you closer to your girl. Simple things you want to know about this girl, you can list them if you want or it’s the way around; you can ask her to list down things she wants to know about you or she’d like to ask you.  When you’re prepared to answer, pull out your phone and let the texting game begin.

Texting game to play with girls is fun and sexy

Start to ask you’re your first question and for her to answer back, it’s more interesting and challenging if you will set a time limit for her to answer.  This will give the conversation real time making her think and engage in messaging back.  To make your texting game to play with a girl fun and sexy; consider carefully this few men’s common mistake in texting girls:

  1. Lack of patience -Giving up on your text easily- this is one aspect where men should deal with when having texting game with his girl. It’s good to set time table for her to answer back but giving allowance of waiting is good. Do not assume she is rejecting your question or not interested as your text mate.  Making light, fun, playful tone in your texts will get her smiling. If you can get her to smile, you’ll likely get a text from her soon. Women in general, appreciate men showing consideration even in simple texting is a sexy point.
  2. Do not complicates your text– asking question one at a time should be the rule here as this will not complicate her answers, since your goal is to engage texting game with her. This mean the ratio must be 1:1, you ask she answers back. Sticking to this rule makes your texting time longer and more fun.
  3. No serious conversation– Since this is a texting game to play with a girl, bear in mind that conversation must be simple and fun. Avoid questions that might lead to serious topics. Doing so will ruin your chances of playing flirty with her.
  4. Text one girl at a time– when a guy is messaging just one girl at a time, his time is undivided and his mind is focused  on ongoing topic, he can thinks more of a good flirty words to use.  It’s good to text a lot of women because this will make you as an expert and your mental abundance is developed and well exercised, this is more fun too and you will have a carefree attitude.  In order to attain this goal deal with girls one at a time.
  5. Focus to your goal– often times guys forgets why they are texting girls. Never misaligned your thoughts, bear in mind that you are texting trying to meet her as soon as possible. Always look on the big picture of building up the sexual tension and eventually establishing attraction of romantic relationship before doing something in person. Fun, flirty and naughty text is the key to reach this goal.

Build sexual Tension

Men always plan their move when it pursuing a woman. One of the obvious and effective ways to flirt with girls and build sexual tension when playing texting game to play with girls is misinterpretation or misunderstanding. It’s the notion of men thinking that the girl he is texting is attracted to him and is striking to him, a little push would end to sexual meeting.  This scenarioin his mind allows him to think naughty thoughts that lets turn the conversation with the girl fun and playful in a sexual way.

Thinking of “Doing It” Text

Since men already established sexual tension, like your delusion, this “doing it” text assumes that the girl cannot help but thinking of ending in bed with you while you are just trying to talk with her. These are innocent text that connotes naughty meaning just because that’s the way the girl thinks. The excitement is starting to grow deeper while the conversation is going deeper nearing to reach its bottom. Conveying sex into your conversations with women in this way opens the door for the girl to play along too. You will be surprised how quickly your text can escalate to your girl.

More playful flirting text

Your goal of meeting her personally is at the tip of your finger, so it’s up to you work on it. Your text message matters, think of a flirty word that a when she reads she think that you are joking so she laugh first. It’s time to send follow up text, it must be “you’re sexy while laughing; I can see you right where I am standing”. Changing your tone to being serious of meeting her like texting her “I am serious I should see you now sweetie, I will meet you at….”  While on the way of meeting her do not stop your texting game, instead let her more aggressive in seeing you. With this kind of flirty conversation she is sure excited to meet you as well.

Be naughtier and more daring

After your meeting up is just the beginning of more texting game play you will have. Because a relationship is already established you can be more daring and naughtier with your text game with your girl. The beauty of this game is that there is no rule being set and violated. You are free now to express yourself, and whatever you feel even your dirties thoughts.

Acting on Dirty text Games

Dirty games help taking the art of seduction and passion to the next level to make your relationship more exciting and more fun. They are somewhat easy to initiate and at the end of this texting games your girl would not hesitate to do it with you the next time you meet.

Sex Texting Game– it’s more likely having sex but through text messages. You can create a love scene like “love scene in the beach” and talking about having sex with your girl.    You can start asking her what she is doing now. You can add I just wish we’re in the beach sitting intimately in the sand. Proceed to tell her, how sexy is her wearing two piece swim suit, of course she is already giggling. Get more sexual as she responds to your text up to the point of touching herself on the other end.

 Daring Games – daring games like the famous truth or consequence can be used in text game that can bound you and your girl turn on after playing the game. Like if chooses consequence you can dare her to send a photo of her breast and so on. If she chooses truth, you can tell her is it true you have a pinkish breast nipples? Vice versa, she can ask you too to send her your nude picture.After sending picture be sure to delete it to avoid any untoward scandal. With this kind of game it is so steamy and erotic and mind blowing.

The good news is that flirty texting game can be learned and be mastered even by shy type men out there. This is an art that when perfected it is being appreciated by the opposite partner be the girl or the guy. We’re living in an era where these things are ordinary and accepted by the society. As long as we do not cause any harm to other people we are free to live by with what we know that is good and healthy. Truly flirty texting game is fun and it’s a two way game. It must be enjoyed by both party involve.





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