What to Say When Texting a Girl

what to say when texting a girlIn a good texting game you must know exactly what to say when texting a girl.

If you don’t know it, you might not be good in texting a girl.

And if you are not good in texting a girl, you might ruin your chances to date her by bad texting.

So, what to say when texting a girl? See the below tips.

Tip#1. Be different from the other guys –

Let me ask you one question. Do you remember the last time when you were struck at an ad while you were walking on the street?

Most probably, it was related to you or your interest, and it was somehow different than the other ads your normally saw on the street.

In Magnetic Messaging system, you will learn five strategies to make your text different than those of others in a better way.

Anyway, here I will show you how craft a better text and make it different than your competitors.

See the below text of your competitors:

“Nice meeting with you. I want to introduce my selves more. I am a fun loving guy.”

Any guy who exchanges numbers with a girl in any party/club/bar texts similar like above.

Your text should be better than it. Now see the below text and examine how I made it better.

Me: “Nice meeting with you. Let me introduce my selves more. Alex = Fun. That’s enough.”

This text is neither cocky nor passive. This is a humorous text with the ingredients of innovation and fun.

I put my name so that she can easily filter my texts from my competitors. Putting your name in your initial text is also important because it would be easier for her to know from whom she got the text.

I used the sign ‘=’ instead of saying that I am a fun loving guy. It shows humor. Humor is what women like in a man.

Tip #2. Add reasons in your questions –

Instead of asking normal questions like “What do you eat?”, “What do you do?” or “From where you are?” you should add reasons with them.

Instead of asking “What do you eat?” you should say, “You are in the perfect shape, what do you eat :-)”.

Instead of asking “What do you do?” you should ask, “You look professional, what do you do :-) ”.

Off course, you can ask these questions via text. You just need to use your humor and add reasons with your questions.

When you add reasons, she would think more why you asked her that question. The more she thinks, the more she offers you to strengthen connection with her.

Tip #3. Tell about inside jokes –

Normally, a girl gives her number to you if you make her laugh and she feels comfortable with you. I am sure that the girl you are texting already laughed at your jokes.

Now what you need to do is to talk about that joke via text. See the below example.

Me: “I am wondering whether you have killed someone with your coffee :P”

At a time, I met a girl. She offered me coffee which she made. However, the coffee was too bad to drink. We all (including her) laughed at how bad the coffee was.

In above text, I tried to talk about that and make her laugh. Talking about an inside joke is always better than sending funny texts you find on Google.

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