First Text to a Girl – 10 Tips On How to Text a Girl For the First Time

First text to a girlSo you think she’s cute. You’ve asked her out on a date. She seems excited to go.

So what do you need to do in order to be able to send the best first text to a girl?

The following article will show you exactly to do that, along with sample text ideas.

Follow these tips and tricks to be a successful texter and keep her waiting for your next text with bated breath!

Read on and before you know it, you and she will be texting away day and night!

1. Make Her Feel Special

This is the trick that smart men have been using since the beginning of time. Making a woman feel that she is important is paramount to your success in texting her and taking things further.

Flatter her when on your date, but don’t go over the top. A light brush on the cheek when she is talking seriously to you about something can work wonders.

Make sure to compliment her outfits and tell her that she looks great (see more how to text flirt with a girl). Flowers are for later, and we will get to that in the next few sections.

2. Text Her After Each Date

Make sure to send a brief text after each date. These are probably the most important texts to insure the establishment of trust and intrigue.

You want her to want more communication and attention from you, but you don’t want to leave her wondering if you’re interested. Don’t play the hard to get game too hard.

A text like “I had a great time tonight, and you looked wonderful. :-)” is a good text.

A quick note: It is okay to use text slang and abbreviations, however, do not overuse them. Use correct grammar and spelling for the majority of the time.

This will show her that you are smart, and that you are willing to take the time to send actual words that make sense to her. This will also go further in making her feel special.

3. Text Her Good Night

A brief Good Night text nightly will further establish the hard work that you have put in thus far. An example would be:

“Hope you sleep tight. Will text in the morning beautiful.”

Once again, you are making her feel special without being overwhelming. She knows that you are thinking of her, but you are not obsessive or smothering.

Leave that last text as just that – the last text of the evening. She will then look forward to your morning text.

4. Text Her Good Morning

This may be the text that she looks forward to the most, and it will practically insure that she has a great day. “A beautiful text for a beautiful girl! Good morning”

She will go through the day smiling, and she will be ready to see you as soon as possible. You have created more anticipation for her.

5. Check in in the Middle of the Day

A simple afternoon text in the middle of the day will keep her interested. You are now well aware of how to send the first text to a girl. Every move you have made has made it possible for the anticipation and fun to keep moving.

This is exciting for you and her! An example is “How is your day going?” She will answer, then probably ask about how your day is going.

At this point, even if you have had a rough day, do not answer about that. Say that you have been busy but productive, and that you are looking forward to chatting with or seeing her later.

A little caution: Don’t text her in the middle of the day unless she responded your Good Morning text in a good manner. Or else you will appear needy.

6. Suggest New Date Destinations

You will need to keep things interesting if you want to keep her attention. Remember, there is always someone waiting in the wings to take your place.

If you keep things exciting, she won’t even give those other guys a second glance. If you have a favorite spot together, make sure to fix a date over text.

A great example of how to include this in a text:

“Hey! I just found the greatest hot spot at …… Let’s make a plan to go in the next couple of days. I would love to show you off there and see what kind of fun we can have!”

Make sure to come up with new ideas. If you do something like a picnic, this can be a recurring date.

You will just need to bring different foods and drinks each time (include at least one of her favorites). Different themes are good as well, and can be played on based on the cuisine type.

For example, Italian cuisine would have a theme as if you are dining in Italy, or picnicking in the Italian countryside.

She will appreciate your efforts, and her text afterwards will most likely be something like:

“I can’t wait to do that again! Thank you so much for today. Looking forward to more great days like this!”

7. Ask Her Then Lead Her

Ask her what some of her favorite restaurants, museums, bars, etc. are. Then, after a couple of days, text something like

“Hey! I am really interested in visiting …… after you told me about it. I would love it if you would be my tour guide.”

Then make plans to attend the spot with her, and she can show you around. If she has a favorite museum, then the picnic idea works for the same day – the picnic will have a theme based on the museum or an exhibit inside.

Using this method will show her that you care about her interests as well, and that you listen and absorb what she says when she is talking to you.

8. Introduce Her to Your Friends

If you like her, then you definitely want your friends to meet her. If you are having a get-together, then invite her and a few of her single friends to meet your single friends.

“Hey, my friends and I are having a small party on Friday, and we would love it if you can come. My friends can’t wait to meet you. Bring along a couple for your girl friends.”

Once again, you are establishing trust and making her feel secure in your relationship. At this point, your texts are probably getting a bit steamier. Keep up the good work!

9. Remember to Send Random Texts

You have done a lot of work so far in keeping your girl interested, and you have a regular pattern of texting and communicating back and forth.

You have done a great job in learning and perfecting how to send the first text to a girl. Make sure to keep up with your morning, midday, and evening texts. The random date texts are important as well.

Simply sending a text like “Hey! I just wanted to remind you of how beautiful you are!” can make a world of difference in what kind of day your girl has.

Keeping a smile on her face is a surefire way to keep taking things to the next level, and to let her know how special you think she is.

Keep in mind how there is always another guy waiting to take your place. She will have absolutely no desire to even look at the other guy because her guy is the one who keeps the flames burning high.

10. Keep it Up

At this point, you have firmly established a healthy and fun texting relationship. Combined with your dates and fun times together, this means that your whole relationship should be at the next level.

Other hotter texting styles are most likely your next step. You are now ready to flirt in your texts a little more, and you are well on the way to going to the next texting level – sexting! (I have more articles on how to easily do this as well. Check them out!).

Using the above tips, ideas, and sample texts insures that your girl is now definitely “your girl”.

If you follow these guidelines and ideas, soon you will be a master at how to send the first text to a girl, and even more! It may seem like a lot, but following these tips insures success, and soon you will be a master and able to send your very own personalized texts that just flow easily from fingertip to phone and mean that hitting send is another point in your favor.

If you have other text messaging ideas that you have already successfully used, comment below now and help out our fellow readers.

I look forward to seeing what you have already used in how to send the first text to a girl. And remember – that first text is crucial! It is what leads to more and taking things to the top.

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