Texting a Girl For The First Time – The ‘How To’ Guide

There are a few things that you must remember when you are texting a girl for the first time. texting a girl for the first time

  • By giving her phone number she didn’t make any contract with you to see you again.
  • She gave her number to you doesn’t mean that she did so just because she liked you. She might be afraid to say ‘No’ to a guy who seems polite.
  • If she gave her number to you because you flirted with her in a way she liked, then she might also give her number to some other guys she met in any other social gathering place. And there is a big chance that those guys are also trying to win her by sending funny and cute text messages.
  • Lastly and the most importantly, she is not about to meet you again unless she finds fun in you. In other words, you can’t convince her to meet you by giving her logics that you have bla bla bla. Until meeting with you is fun for her she is not going to see you again.

So, how to text a girl for the first time? In this post, I will teach you exactly what to do in this case.

Texting a Girl For The First Time –

Tip #1. Do not show ‘fake disinterest’ –

If you have been reading dating tips online for a while, you might have seen that some dating websites are teaching men that they should not text a girl for first time.

According to those sites, only beta males (low confident men) send the first text when they get a girl’s number. They further add that a man must wait for at least 3 days before they send their first text message.

I have to say that in a good text game all these are not that important. In Magnetic Messaging system, you will learn that texting game has been changed since the appearance of ‘Whatsapp’. The tips which were written 5 years ago do not need to be correct at all.

In fact, you must not wait more than 1 day to send a text to a girl you just met. The longer you wait, the lesser attraction she has for you.

Before her attraction level for you fade away, you must text her and make connection with her. Do not show fake disinterest by not texting her in the first three days.

Do not wait for her to send you first text message. It’s your job to craft a good first text message for her. And then build rapport with her through text messaging.

Tip #2. Start with the curiosity text –

In my previous article How to start a conversation with a girl over text, I said that the curiosity text is one of the best texts to send a girl the first text and start a text conversation with her.

See an example of a curiosity text:

You: “Thank You”

If you send her this text, she would instantly reply you and ask you for what you thanked her. This is how curiosity text works.

See the below example to learn how should you respond thereafter.

You: “Thank You :-)”

Her: “For What :@”

You: “For the beautiful evening I had with you.”

You can see that the last text will create good emotions in her and she will associate those emotions with you. This text will also remind her the good time she spent with you. And it will open an opportunity for both of you to start a conversation over text.

Now what if you send above text after 4 or 5 days? In this case, the above text might not be that effective.

In the best text messaging book Magnetic Messaging, you will get lots of curiosity and other text templates which you can use with a number of girls you encounter every day.

Megnatic Messaging



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2 thoughts on “Texting a Girl For The First Time – The ‘How To’ Guide

    1. Alex J. Stevenson Post author

      Crafting a good text for a girl depends on the whole circumstance. You didn’t tell enough about the girl and you, however I’d try to give right texts which can bring good results.

      If she is a girl you met last night on a club, you can use similar text like below:

      “After leaving you, I caught by a group of cougars. I was almost molested by them. One was just bit at my leg. What about you.”

      As she is a new girl to you, your goal should be to get her attention and make her laugh by your texts (For more info see Magnetic Messaging).

      If she is a girl you have been seeing for a long time but you don’t have good connection with her, then start with formal texts (preferably a joke):

      “What’s the opposite of Christopher Reeves?
      Christopher Walken.”

      Or any similar text like this.

      If you have good terms with her and she seems to know that you like her, then you can text her a bit romantic text:

      “Just watched Titanic, and it reminds me about you whenever I saw Kate Winslet”

      Hopefully, these texts will help you. For more tips see Magnetic Messaging.


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